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The Glassware catalog for Google Glass is consistently expanding, and the next big app from Google may be the ability to send money to people with Google Wallet. According to source of TechCrunch, Googlers are already testing an app that would enable you to simply send money to someone using Glass and the voice command "send money." Details of what other functions you'd be able to do are limited, but you could easily see Glass bringing you notifications from purchases and updates on orders placed with a Wallet account.

It isn't hard to think of situations in which you may want this, so long as you're all-in with using Glass for simple tasks. If someone picks up a restaurant tab for you or buys you a movie ticket, you can quickly send them money through Wallet just as you would now with Gmail or the Google Wallet app on your phone. With competitive fee structures for person-to-person transfers — 2.9 percent from a credit card, 0 percent with a bank account — Google Wallet is a great choice.

Source: TechCrunch


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Ready to send money with Google Glass? It may not be far off


So the UK can't even have Wallet, yet the ultra niche Glass can? I'm not saying it shouldn't have it, but surely the Glass market is incredibly tiny by comparison.

You must understand that there are clear regulatory hurdles to brining Google Wallet to a new country. There are decidedly few hurdles to bringing a Glassware app to a country that already has Glass and Wallet available independently.

Is that a OnePlus in the picture? Can't wait for a review. Seems like the phone of the year when you factor everything in.

Cool thanks man. I just wish I could get that icon to replace the stock kitkat battery like in the shot. I guess that would take a root though :(