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Readers choice awards, Xoom 3.2 update [From the Forums]


You should clarify. The PROPER and FULL name of the thread is:

"Has anyone actually got the 3.2 update for Xoom 3G"


The WiFi Xoom has had 3.2 for a long time now.

Got it last night here on Verizon 3G Xoom, 4 or 5 minutes to reboot and install. Have not tried SD card yet but psyched they pushed it. Now for the 4G modem....errrr....hhmmmmm

I got it last night, went to the About screen and "checked for updates" but it found it, loaded and seems to be working just fine, i didn't try antying with micro sd card feature as i don't have one, but i did re-do my work exchange and at this time it appears that they fixed the bug where it wouldn't sync the whole month or reply with "include original text" box checked. Resizing apps is pretty cool as well. All in all, i would say (not in a trolling way) that this device is almost as functional as it should have been out of the box, BUT I STILL LOVE IT!