Ever find yourself heading out the door when you stumble across an interesting looking article and wish you had the time to read it? Unfortunately there is not always an easy way, besides hunting it down again later to mark the link so you can read it later, let alone from a different location.

Read it Later is a great application that syncs between your computer and your device and allows you to mark a page to be read later, and will even hold your position if you do so happen to begin to read something without the chance to finish it in that moment. In addition to all these great features, Read it Later downloads all your articles, so if you don't happen to have a network connect, like on a plane, there are no issues with keeping caught up on the articles you wanted to read. For only 99 cents this application is a must-have for anyone who uses the internet on both a personal computer and their Android device. Download information and links after the break.


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Read it Later finally available on Android


It is, but there's also Phone 2 Chrome, which uses Dropbox with a Chrome extension to send links to your PC, which you can pick up later. It also lets you look up previously sent links on your phone.

I haven't used it much yet, but so far it's a pretty slick set up.

Chrome to Phone sends individual pages to your phone. RIL is a set of bookmarks that stay synced between your phone and desktop browsers. With C2P, you're only getting one page at a time. With RIL, you're getting everything you bookmarked with it. It's closer to Evernote than C2P, but faster (though with fewer features).

Ahh, but Chrome2Phone is first reliant on the link being sent quickly (I have had it be delayed a couple of hours before), as well as the phone having a network connection. Also, what if I'm reading a link on my phone's browser and want to switch it to the computer? There is the Phone2Cloud app, but maybe I know its something I'll want to read in 3 days, just not right away. Thats where this comes in handy, it doesn't matter what device I'm on, I can mark an article to be read later and then again, it doesn't matter what device I'm on, I'll be able to read it at my leisure.

Personally though, I have both an Instapaper account and a Read It Later account and have a Pinboard account as well. I've set up Pinboard to regularly scan both Instapaper and RIL and add those items to my bookmarks.

Aside from the annoying delay that's already been mentioned, C2P is only for one link or text/image snippet at a time. RIL syncs everything you've bookmarked with it. I have dozens of articles I can read offline with RIL.

I love this app. Perfect complement to Chrome to Phone. This one immediately syncs a reading list to your phone or any PC you use... and the phone doesn't have to have a data connection, plus they're formatted in perfect reading format without all the clutter. Kinda like Instapaper with even better functionality.

Chrome to Phone is nice for sending links to your phone that you can grab later (data connection required), but that's about it.

Well worth a dollar! Great article, or I would have never found this app.

Why is everyone commenting without reading the description? ReadItLater is a service with which you can save a bunch of websites for later viewing, whether you save them on your PC or now on your mobile device.

It's incredibly handy if you find a website (or in my case a tweet with a link) while you're on the road that you can't read right now but you'd love to read or maybe download when you get back home. Save it to Readitlater and you're done.

My RIL list is always full of links to check back on later when I have time and before Readitlater brought out their own app I was forced to use unofficial apps that didn't quite work as well as the bookmarklet in my browser did. I'm so glad that RIL finally released the official app and it works a treat!

Like Cubfan said, this is like Instapaper only better (and afaik they've been around longer).

I use this all day long while at work, since we have a proxy here that blocks a lot of sites. So I'll continually add sites to the list throughout the day, and then look at them later from my phone or home computer. The list syncs everywhere, and RIL integrates with Google Reader really well. Much better solution then clogging up your inbox with emails from yourself.

I'll also occasionally come across a link while on my phone that I'd rather view from a PC, so I'll tag it from there and check it out later from Firefox, which they also have a really nice extension for.

Great, convenient and free service - that being said, I already use Quick Save on my phone. It's free, can also interface with Delicious (in addition to RIL, and maybe a few other services), and is easily accessible from within Dolphin Browser HD; so I probably wouldn't have much use for this $1 standalone app.

To all those saying just save the link, chrome to phone etc, I think the real strength this has over the others is the ease and convenience factor and also the fact that it downloads the page so you can read it anywhere and any time. The article mentions on a plane(which is a great example) but what about if the page you want to read gets taken down? You still have it on your phone to read. Just my two little pennies...

I'm confused. If I am not mistaken I've had this running on my Dolphin browser since at least October. Was I using a beta? Cause I know this app quite well and there's no way it "just" came out today.

This is the official standalone app, not the third party Dolphin plugin. Before this, the only way to use RIL was to use Dolphin.

Never bought this for my iPod Touch my just got it on my DInc and it is great! 99 cent price is awesome too. Went ahead and got one on the touch too!