Rdio 2.0

After having done its rounds in some beta testing, Rdio v2.0 has been deemed ready for the masses and is now available for download in the Google Play Store. We're used to seeing frequent updates to Rdio but this release is a whole lot more than simple bug fixes. Aside from a whole new user interface, Rdio has added a few other welcomed additions:

  • New side-bar navigation — A new navigation panel pops open on the left side of the app to bring you to Your Music, Settings, Playlists, and other features.
  • Remote control — The app will notify you if “Rdio is playing elsewhere.” Pause, skip, or play a station from wherever you are, or click “Play Here Instead” and your mobile device will pick up right where your laptop left off.
  • Infinite scroll — You’ll never run out of new music to explore. Rdio loads more content as you scroll through Heavy Rotation, Top Charts, and New Releases.

Overall, the additions and improvements are nice though in my time with it, I did find it a little bit laggy -- maybe it just needs some to settle in. If you're an Rdio user, go ahead and grab the update and let us know in the comments how it's working for you.


Reader comments

Rdio rolls out 2.0 update with a new look and new features


In my opinon, the update is refreshing and intuitive. Not to say that there was anything wrong with the app before now, i think it offers some incredible functionality that other music services dont offer. Only a little bummed that it seems like they're completely getting rid of Recommendations, as it was phased out of the web client a little while back and is now gone from the mobile app

Awesome. Now let me choose where the offline data is stored. I have a 32gig SD card that is going to waste because I can't chose the data store location. That's the ONE reason I stay with Spotify.

Have been following the Beta for this app. A lot of people were upset about battery drain only a couple of days ago. Hope they got it figured out. Check you GPU usage while using this app.