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New device leaks, updates and new apps. Can't ask for more then that in the run of a day. Well, i suppose you could but that's just being greedy. If you missed out on any of the news today make sure you get caught up here on the blogs and in the Android Central forums where we're always talking Android.

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Paul627g says:

Epic 4g users! Yes thats right... Pigs can fly, the fat lady has sung etc. etc.. We have official Gingerbread and from early responses it seems to be an excellent update!

cwilson617 says:

Seems... Does anyone even care? Was it through official channels, or leak?

Paul627g says:

Obviously you didn't read my comment very well...

Official GB.... OTA has begun and manual update available.

Judging from the amount of people still rocking the Galaxy S line, Fascinate/Epic 4g/Vibrant/Captivate I'm sure there are plenty of them that are pleased to see its finally happened with the Epic 4g and will filter down to the others before long.