If you have been eying the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G ever since its official announcement a few weeks ago, you have probably been anxiously awaiting some release date information. While T-Mobile has still yet to come forward with a release date, RadioShack has tweeted that the device will be releasing at The Shack on April 20, about 3 weeks from now. So, with a release date coming up its almost time to decide if this will be your next device. Be sure to hop in the Sidekick 4GĀ forums and chat it up! [@RadioShack]


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RadioShack tweets that the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G will be available April 20


I so wanted this device but that 3 megapixel camera(is it 3 or 3.2) just killed it. I have used 8.1 megapixel on the Xperia, then 8 on the incredible, droid x, and Evo and now i have "settled" with 5 megapixels on a slew of other android phones and currently my HTC HD7...But 3 megapixel on a phone with some pretty good specs really kills my excitement.

I was a die hard sidekick fan. Now Im in love with Android. Its the best of both worlds. I may h get one. My birthday is April 22. Maybe I will treat myself. :)