Samsung Galaxy S5

Specific carrier availability and exact street date not yet known

RadioShack is opening up in-store pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5 tomorrow, March 21st, and sweetening the deal even more by offering a $50 discount when you commit to buying before the phone's release. Which carriers it will have on offer isn't noted, although each of the major U.S. carriers has confirmed that they will carry the device — you can bet at some point RadioShack will be offering all of them.

Devices pre-ordered through RadioShack will be available "starting in mid-April," and will of course be subject to availability of stock. Pre-ordering should get you near the front of the line, however, assuming there aren't any major stock issues with the launch.

If you're looking to save even more off the cost of your new Galaxy S5 purchase, RadioShack is also offering $75 to $300 more in discounts if you trade-in a working smartphone through it "Trade & Save" program. This isn't a new program, but it's always worth reminding folks when they go to get the next big thing.

Source: RadioShack (PRNewswire)


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RadioShack offering $50 discount for in-store Galaxy S5 pre-orders starting March 21


I take it that this is contract pricing only.

I don't believe Radio Shack does the device financing thing.

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I agree, bad deal if you are on AT&T Mobile share of 10GB or more with $15 per line fee.

At&t (18 month next)- $15+$25= $40 line fee
Radioshack (2 year)= $40 line fee

Only difference is upfront cost of $150 + $60 tax (in CA) at Radioshack and At&t which is tax only up front of $60(in CA).

This may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if this will work when you want to buy the phone without a contract at full price?

Yes this is available with no contract as well.
Pre-ordered handsets will be available in black and white.
The AT&T Galaxy S5 will sell for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, or $699.99 unactivated.
The Sprint Galaxy S5 will sell for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, or $799.99 unactivated.
AND don't forget about the extra $50 off the phone when you preorder it at any Radioshack store.

I called Radio Shack today, and it's surprising that they still don't have retail pricing for Verizon... the last day for this deal is April 8. I will be calling them back on the 8th to see if they have the price, because verizon is selling retail for $600. If RadioShack prices this $650 or more retail, that negates this deal.