Radio Shack EVO 3D launch party

Mark it, Dude. Radio Shack and HTC are throwing a little party next Thursday night in Los Angeles for the launch of the HTC EVO 3D. And of course we're be there. (It ain't a party without us, right?) Android Central, Kato and some sweet smartphone action. Gotta love it.

Update: If you're looking for something more public (the invite above is for a private event), hit up the pop-up store at 8747 Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood in on Friday.

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Wish I was able to attend this should be a nice turn for a fun purpose. Evo 3d rules

storino03 says:

I'll pass on the phone and party

Cleurithomas says:

If you pass on the phone and party...why would u even bother looking at this post!!!!!!....smh......#EVO 3D Rules!!!!

nathy321 says:

Wish it was in NY :-(

th3gh05t says:

Uhhhh.. every Radio Shack in LA is going to have "Black Beauty"?

It doesn't say anywhere what RS is hosting this event..

kuriusly23 says:

Hey Phil,

Address? Location? a hint? Maybe a source link? We would love to attend if we knew where it was (the LA folks that is)

b_blaze80 says:

they need to throw one in NYC

th3gh05t says:

Thanks Phil for leaving us in the dark!