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White EVO 3D

There's something rather ironic about Radio Shack teasing exclusivity on a white HTC EVO 3D on Instagram, which is still iOS-only. But whatever. Radio Shack's teasing exclusivity on a white EVO 3D. And it's coming Sept. 9. And it's on Sprint. Huzzah.

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Radio Shack teasing a white EVO 3D, coming Sept. 9


OMG it's beautiful , I never liked the EVO4G white , but this is just a beauty , would they exchange the black for the white one?

Very true!!! I did a upgrade with radio shack, and ended up taking the phone back,,.. And They tried their best, to find a excuse not to take it back.. After that, they did a shitty move, on doing a "upgrade-reversal"? , point is.. Radio shack is a shitty company, just like BESTBUY ..!.,

Ah screwed over again. Always wanted a white phone starting with the G1 and then the EVO 4G. I'm happy with the EVO 3D and I use a case with a kickstand, but now I want that white one!

That's not going to be enough to compete with the BEAST from the east coming September 9th!!!! GALAXY S2

At best your only FOOLING YOURSELF Htc is the best and so is the EVO 3D. People have been wating in the United States for this WATERED DOWN gALAXY s2 over 7 months now and actually it is a waste of time in my book. The EVO 3D IS THE BEST ANDROID DEVICE PERIOD

How the hell is he fooling himself? He's only right. The GS2 beats the crap out of your precious EVO 3D. To be honest, its not even the best phone on Sprint currently.The Photon is. So the 3D is going to have to move along to third when the GS2 comes to the states. The GS2 has been dominant all year. But I'll be waiting for the next Nexus or beyond.

Both are good. But if you like a high resolution display, with the possibility to show much more info on the screen I would go for the Evo3d or Sensation. But on the other hand the amoled screen of the Samsung is beautiful.

I think it's up to the individual buying the phone to determine which phone is better. I don't know why you think the Samsung "beats the crap" out of the 3D, or why the Photon is better. From a sales standpoint, the Photon isn't doing all that well, and there are quite a few being returned, because of the no audio issue on phone calls. I've had both Phones and would give the edge to the 3D. The screen is nicer, and let's face it Motorola is still lacking in the software dept. One thing I find funny is a lot of Photon owners are getting apps to try and make their phone look like the EVO UI. Really looking forward to the Epic Touch. I just hope Samsung has ironed out the radio problems.

Huh. Radio Shack should have put this on a site like, oh I don't know, Android Central maybe :)

It's not a bad idea to have some options like this. I prefer cases myself so I can have multiple options on one phone.

This Evo looks really nice, it should be an interesting day for Sprint customers. GS2 and White Evo 3d doesn't get any better.

After the white paint chipped off of my EVO 4G on all four corners, around the usb port and the headphone jack, I'll take a pass on this.

I'm a bit peeved because I won't be able to get this :( They need to start releasing black, white, and any other color at the same time.

Oh FFS, another white phone with black bezel...! When will HTC learn?! Take a page from Apple or Samsung - if you gonna make a white phone, make the whole phone white, not just most of it!