Less cheating and better friend management are welcome changes

We already told you how to fix the endless notifications from QuizUp, and now the developers have started to address the next biggest issue — cheaters. Today's update now causes you to surrender if you try to open the notification bar, which apparently was used for a popular cheat method. Cached images are also removed on application start, which also could give some crafty cheater and advantage. The full changelog:

  • Automatic surrender when opening notification bar during match (to prevent cheating)
  • Removing cached question images on start
  • Playing on a WiFi through proxy working
  • Facebook friends immediately shown when linking with an email account
  • Level circle and questions now visible after async challenge game
  • Fixed a bug in level indicator value when accepting a challenge
  • Names in friend feed now clickable
  • Small bug fixes and ui improvements

All welcome changes to a great game, keeping it fun. Grab it at the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

QuizUp updated with anti-cheat methods and bug fixes


But that's the only way I could win :-(

"I'll stop buying smartphones when they make one smarter than me."Where's the stylus pen for the new One?

I agree, never knew but always wondered how some people ould get perfect scores on every question in a quiz.

Now that it's fixed, anyone want to share how this was done? Just curious...

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I'm a creator of cheat apps, and we passed on making a QuizUp cheat due to the nature of the game. QuizUp just wants to be a fun quiz game. There is very little to benefit from cheating at it, since it teaches you things about the world as you succeed and fail. And I've seen some of the cheats for it - and they're pretty dodgy.

Sad to see them go to such an extreme measure to stop the cheating, though. There are plenty of other ways to detect a cheater that don't affect average players.

I hope that you would reach out to them to help them come up with better solutions. Failing a quiz because you want to change your song or check a message isn't cool.

Whine whine whine

Wait the minute it takes to finish the quiz.

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Look, we now have multitasking police to tell us how and when to multitask! Obama just appointed a new multitasking czar! You can all work at the optimum level of multitasking in any job, now, heavens be praised!

Seriously, who gets to determine someone's "right" and "wrong" way of getting things done in their personal life?

(I should mention that my sarcasm is directed at this whole sub-thread. I'm not singling out or picking on ScottJ specifically.)