Moto G 4G

Alongside the new super-cheap Moto E, Motorola today announced a new version of the Moto G, the low-cost handset it says is its best-selling smartphone ever. The first change is obvious — the Moto G has grown 4G LTE support, a big, important change that makes the handset more competitive in the face of lower-cost 4G competition.

But equally important is the addition of expandable storage via a new microSD slot, giving users an alternative to the less than roomy 8GB of internal storage previously available. While Android 4.4 KitKat limits the way you can use your SD card, it's still a great way to store photos and music.

Besides these two changes, we're looking at the same Moto G we've known since November, with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1GB of RAM and near-stock Android 4.4 KitKat, topped with Motorola software features.

The Moto G 4G will sell in the UK for £149, a small markup on the cheaper 3G-capable original. Check out our gallery for a few more photos.


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Quick look: The Moto G 4G with microSD slot


Should have come with a micro sd card originally. I'm guessing Google didn't allow them to put it in because of there war against sd cards but now that they being sold off they can. Moto devices always had sd card until Google brought them.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

You're correct, but releasing a slightly updated version of a phone a few months after the initial release can burn a lot of customers, similar to when they released the Droid Razr Maxx so soon after the regular Droid Razr.

I'm guessing moto wasn't anticipating the G to be so popular. I know what you mean though.

Galaxy 5 Prime will burn a lot of people

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I bought this phone (prior version) as a Christmas gift for my daughter. It's an amazing, very durable, and capable device. She's on our WiFi most of the time and our 3G HSPA+ speeds here are 15 mb +, so we don't miss the 4G. As for the SD card, we have everything in the cloud and don't need the extra storage.

ur comment is worst comment bcuz u never try n havent experience about motoG 4G.. Exceptional price worth smartphone

Who stores music on SD card when you have Spotify and All Access. Unless their offline albums store to SD. Pictures back up to G+. There is no need for SD anymore. I'll take internal storage any day. 4G is a great addition though.

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And those people that are on lower tier data plans who don't want to use cloud services aren't allowed to listen to music or watch movies on their device? Since if they did they would likely go over their data caps, there are people on those types of plans.

Just because something works for you does not mean it works for everyone.

I like to have most of my system memory free for when I have udates to apps that don't support SD cards or if they update the OS. I offload as much as I can to the SD card. I currently have a 32GB card available with pictures, videos, movies, and apps/games I have 7GB available to use. I have a16GB Note 2 and only have 7.20GB available. What will be available to me once Verizon eventually pushes KitKat to me along with their BS bloat? More memory the better and I don't mind paying for the added cost difference. (Just my opinion)

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I'd say there's every reason to store music/photos on SD card. What if you don't have an "all you can eat" data plan, or you're in an area with poor signal, or you're abroad and don't want to rack up huge data bills ?

People who do not always live and work in a place with access to internet that's who. I work construction that puts me in locations without a cell signal often, having expandable storage makes all the difference in the world when it comes to storing music. I was repairing a slope failure under the Hollywood sign and had the cell tower to my mobile carrier at the top of the mountain. It just happened that being at the bottom of the hill with the location of our equipment my signal would drop in and out (No line of site mountain blocked the tower in our location) repeatedly killing my battery within a few hours. My only choice was to turn off my cell radio and listen to podcast and music I downloaded the night before in prep for the next work day. Some days I am at the bottom of a 65 foot hole I have dug that spans an entire city block in downtown L.A. and we will have the same issues. To make a call you have to climb out of the hole so yes I understand my situation may be extreme compared to most, I am sure I am not alone in having trouble keeping a signal during my work day.

I'm still old school. I actually buy CDs and rip them. I have to physically have a hard copy.

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It seems it's more of a niche. They should at lest bump it up to 16 GB. Performance will drop when the 8 GB start to fill up. Since it ships with KitKat there won't be any apps that can install on the SD. With an 8gb phone you have to be cloud minded.


G+ is good for a backup but prefer local storage when showing them off to friends.

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Hey Jonais, tell that to us in the Navy, stuck on a ship for 9-10 months with no access to a network, or that soldier/marine at camp in the desert whether here in the states for training or over in other countries for a deployment. The idea of SD cards or removable batteries going away should go away itself, along with you and any other person living in their fantasy I will always have network or Wi-Fi access dreamworld. The cloud and any other wireless storage option is a luxury not the standard. The reason why samsung and whoever else that still have them have never gotten rid of them because they make phones for a wider audience then just some hack who either never leaves his city/network or some basement trolling neckbeard who cries to his mom every time the internet goes out. Sd cards are here to stay. Good day sir!!!!!!!!
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You have a point. But you sure have many presuppositions, I hope your law enforcement stays overseas, even though that is troubling as well.


Cloud is good and all but streaming vs local uses more battery as it needs constant data connection and also not everyone has limitless data and data itself is not cheap. Sure you can cache from Spotify etc but that's a extra monthly cost and then who wants to manage what's cached or not. I use Spotify it's great for when I'm at home connected to wifi but on my phone I have all my music(photos and videos too) on my sd cars, don't have to worry about using up 1.5gb of data allowance by streaming or using up more battery than necessary, don't have to plan what songs to save offline before leaving the house etc. I doubt someone who's buying a budget phone has a expensive data plan to begin with.
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What about caching all your offline music from Spotify? Not every place you go will have a WiFi and/or signal.

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Or you could just buy the 8 GB version and throw in a 32 gig microSD card from Amazon.

This whole "I'd buy if they did this thing" is getting old. Every other comment on all these Moto E and Moto G LTE articles got old real fast.

Just pony up for what's there. I have a Moto X. I ordered the Moto G LTE (8 GB version OMG HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE?!?!) the moment the page stopped acting up for me over an hour ago. Perfect backup phone should mine ever break or go missing. I'll survive on it with a 32 gig microSD card if I ever have to use it.

That's good for you that you settle and hope that you can move as much as you think you can to the SD card, but for me it doesn't work. How much of that 8GB is actually available?

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

And the guy above me (bangishotyou) thinks that is a reasonable amount, maybe, but not to me.
"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I'd really appreciate it if you didn't put words in my mouth. I didn't say it was a reasonable amount. I've never stated that.

What I have stated is that's what's there. Take it or leave it. But bitching about it won't change anything. If it doesn't meet your needs then the ADULT thing to do is buy something else that does. Bitching online though is not a reasonable or adult like thing to do.

So take it, leave it or wait. That's my advice to you.

Who's bitching? I said if they had a 32GB version they would create better options.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I'm not settling though. Especially since, as I pointed out in my previous comment, this is purely an emergency backup phone.

My Moto X is the 32 GB variant. My next official upgrade will be the X+1 and in the same storage capacity.

The issue is, that you and others are wanting this phone to be tailored to your specific needs. That's not how it works. It's aimed at a very specific target group, the average user. They don't need 16 gigs when they have 8 plus the microSD card.

They add more storage capacity and costs increase, which translate to fewer overall sales.

Tailored? I simply stated an option would be good, because there are others that don't fall in to the average. Did you ever think these companies have the ability to make 32GB the new 16GB? I think they force the lower memory for larger profit. Consumers still pay ridiculous amounts for phones. I personally believe that prices have gone down on memory, but the prices don't reflect it when it comes down to the sale price of the phone.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Its going to be $219. $40 bump. If they kept it below, 200, I would have bought it. For another $80 bucks, you get pretty high end phone. OnePlus one.

We'll see about that. Availability (production numbers) and compatibility (cdma , lte bands) are in question.
Plus 80 $ is not change for many people nor everyone is looking for a phablet.
VZW Moto X

it's a good move, $20 more expensive but people can enlarge their 8gb storage (not to mention part of it occupied by the OS ), people willing to pay for it :D :D

whoa, i think the addition of the microSD card alone means it is a viable option the next time one of my teens breaks her phone.

hell, it'll probably be a nice upgrade over my daughter's GNex.

and sign up to be tech support anytime something doesn't work quite right? no thanks. i do enough of that for them as is. hehe

i love CM but generally not a good idea to root someone else's phone.

Gutted just bought the wife an lg l7ii if I'd have waited 2 days this would be hers now!

Posted via Android Central App with my Nexus 5

Hmm... What to do... I just got my 16GB Moto G last week... Should I sell it and get the LTE version? What do you guys think?

It depend on if you are happy with the 3G speed you're currently getting. It look like LTE is the only change, so I would only get it if you absolutely need LTE. The cost of your selling and shipping the old Moto G will invalidate the added value you get from selling the Moto G LTE in the future.

I feel like I am happy with the 3G. I mean, I was still on dial-up like 5 years ago, so it still feels very fast to me. I guess part of me just wants the latest and greatest. :P

Edit: I also plan on keeping this phone for at least two to three years, so I just want it to be good enough for the future too.

I'll be getting one, even though i got my Moto G 2 months ago. The SD card will be good to store my music on.

The Moto G i have now will go to a good cause. I only paid $100 for it.

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I have lived quite comfortably without SD and remembering the amount of lost cards that somehow became corrupt is something too I can live without.

If my phone has 32Gb natively (as my nexus 5 does) this after discounting OS and necessary files has more than enough for MY needs but I accept not for all. But at the same time I have yet to find any SD card that will store all the files I would like to carry at all times, but they don't so as with my phone, any selection of media for my SD card would need to be selective, hence the reason why I can live without expandable storage.

But there will always be benefits for SD storage and to me the best value smartphone available just got twice as good and even more desirable now with 4G for those who have access and SD expandability.

There is a major issue with this phone: Many users (including myself) are finding that there is an SD Card problem, in that the phone randomly rejects working SD cards and they cannot be made to work with the phone.

Motorola are 'working hard on a solution' but haven't yet given a date for a fix.

I would avoid this phone until this issue is rectified.

Motorola have now admitted there is a problem and you can post here for updates and to help them build a solution/ put pressure on them to fix the issue:

Good article. Can anyone tell me if this phone is available through a prepaid carrier? And which one? All I seem to find with searching is the moto g without a SD slot. My At&t plan expires this month, and I'm looking for a decent budget phone & prepaid service. Thanks in advance!