Carbon backup

Carbon (the backup app) is a kick ass way to backup and restore apps and their precious data on your Android phone or tablet. It's simple, looks great, works even better, and doesn't need root or any fancy hocus-pocus to get it to work. We think it's the way Google should have done it. The free version works great, backing up all your data to the device, but the premium version takes things a step further by placing all your data in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or account. Yay the cloud!

There's one thing that could make it better, and that's getting a free Carbon Premium code. Koush hooked us up with 20 of them to give away, and here's your chance. Comment on this post, telling everyone what data you need to back up, and sometime after midnight (Eastern time) we'll pick 20 winners. No muss, no fuss.

If you're not sure because you haven't tried Carbon backup just yet, now is the time. Hit the Google Play link above and see why everyone is loving this one.


Reader comments

Quick contest: Win one of 20 Carbon (backup) unlock codes



My Samsung Galaxy S III just suffered from SDS so I need a Carbon key to make sure I never suffer from data loss in the future

BTW, this old Nokia brick is really terrible

Syncing the sideloaded apps is nice, but really we know this is all just gold for people who want to keep their games synced up. Storing it in the cloud along the way is just a bonus! :)

I'd back up my important texts and pictures that i don't want lost. also all my settings in my favorite apps that i'd otherwise loose when resetting the phone

Backing up game data so I don't have to start over. Apps & settings and all the backups!

P.S. Thanks for all you do!

Backup all the things! Sync game data between phone and tablet is huge.. never have to re-do an angry birds level ever again :)

I would use it to back up my app data for frequently used apps, mainly messaging though to save my text messages. Also, syncing app settings for other things like camera and Gmail. But, if you're a crack flasher, or someone who does a lot of ROM testing, backing up everything so you can restore it on a new ROM is always nice as well.

I need to back up my calendars, quotes for prospective clients, all my pictures, and especially my musica.

My app data is the most important, since I use Folder Sync already to save my photos and the cloud to store my documents. The ability to just have Carbon prompt to install the apps from the Play store, then having it drop all my data back in an awesome feeling!

I need to back up a LOT of game save data, all of my passwords, and pictures across multiple devices. a premium code would be awesome. thanks once again AC for another awesome contest!

Now more than ever. RN to BSN program data and all of my pictures so that when I'm dead others can see who I was.

What don't I need to back up. With my frequent crack flashing habits, losing game and app data is a PITA. I'm loving Carbon so far but adding it to my multi GB's of cloud data would be the bees knees. I'm in.

I want one!
I neet to back up my contactbook because my phone it's my work assistant too. My pics, I love to take pics of everything. And apps, I'm loaded with tons from games to work related apps.

I always need to backup apps and data from rooting, installing custom ROMs and (hard to believe)returning to stock. This app would help so much!

App data, of course. Things like game progress so I don't have to play the game once on my phone and once on my tablet (Carbon can sync between devices!).

I have over 150 applications installed on my tablet, so it's a bit hard to decide which ones I need backed up the most. Game progress, of course, and... Oh who am I kidding? I just want to back up my game data (Rayman, Temple Run 2, Plague Inc, and so on).

I change the roms on my galaxy nexus all the time and would love a reliable backup solution such as Carbon Backup. I backup my contacts, pictures, music, game saves and application settings.
I think it would be great to be able to backup to the cloud like in Carbon premium. That would make my life a lot easier and more efficient.

I would definitely back up my apps and settings, as I tend to customize things a lot. Cloud functionality is a huge plus, as everything else I use is on the cloud. Here's hoping I'm picked!

I wipe my phone very often so it would be great to have a back up to remote server that allows me to not lose my app data. No chance of losing documents as they are all in the cloud so no sweat there. But most definitely app data.

I need to back up my game data, aCar (fuel and maintenance) data, as well as all my app login and notification settings. Having all this back up to the cloud so I don't need to do each one individually every time I want to put on a new rom would be great. Especially since I have not been leaving my roms rooted.

The most important thing I need to back up is my calendar data. If I accidentally delete from calendar then it also deletes from google calendar and it is pain to restore.
Having carbon means no more issues with accidentally deleting calendar entry. Also loosing a phone is no major issue as carbon stores apps and data on cloud.

Love it.

I back up all app data... I put it on dropbox because i was going to purchase a code, but if i win one.......

I need to back up my wife Sony Ericsson Arc S since she don't want to root her phone and the Carbon (the backup app) is the best solution that available!~

I'd back up all my app data, so when I get a new phone everything would run exactly the same as on my current handset.

I need to back up all my document files and app settings and preferences so I do not waste time and energy restoring everything.

All my games saves!!! I hate it when i want to change ROMs and lost all my games saves... Help me!!!

Love to back up the apps, and data from a couple of security apps. Had to reflasy Cyanogenmod a few weeks ago, and it was a pain restoring.

I have a lot of documents on my tablet that I need access to for my special needs child (i.e. proof of guardianship legal documents, medications, etc.) and need to have them backed up and available at a moment's notice. I also have photographs of my children, contact information, and all my college assignments and notes as I am beginning to work on my bachelor's degree. As a full time student and single mom of 3 ... I could sure use this!

I always like to backup all my data, I've tried the beta and thought it worked well I hope I win one!

It's good just to save any and all app data period. Also, if they could get it to work with my Droid Razr Maxx, that would be swell.

since i am a chronic flasher...this app would aid me greatly in restoring all my data and game saves. please choose me ;)

I switch ROMs often, and would like an elegant backup solution like this. It'd be great to use to keep my game data in sync, too!

I need to back up all my app data, texts, mms and everything... just like how backing up was on my iPhone 4 before I switched to the Nexus 4. It's one of the last few things I need to complete the experience on Android I had with my iPhone.

I need to back up my game save files to transfer to my tablet and back to my phone. A lot of games need cloud saving!

Carbon for Android will ensure I can keep all my save game data in sync for when I'm gaming on the go or at home.

Those pesky games and applications need some love too I would really need one of those license to satisfy my nexus 7.:-)

Game saves definitely need backing up. Plus Twicca - my fav Twitter app with it's eleventy-hundred options, severely lacks a settings backup & restore option. And it doesn't hurt to back up those mobile photos to another cloud either!

Titanium is great for basic app backup, but really hasn't offered what I wanted as a total stipulation because I want to backup my texts, and other data too. Thanks for the contest, cheers.

I would back up my game data for when I switch devices. In the past 2 years I think Ive had 10 different phones lol. Needless to say I need something to back up this stuff so I can stop starting over.

I love to try out new ROMs on my Android devices, and it would be very handy to have great backup app that can sync all my devices.

Backup schedules would come in handy if i forget to backup and it would allow me to have all my data stored for safe keeping. Set and forget.

Backup to my Dropbox and gDrive would be a great feature. Single drive in my laptop and it can also get smashed if I drop it again.

When I try out new ROMs, app and data backup is a must feature. Not easy to flash 5 different ROMs in one night and set everything up to test it. It's even worse if I customize my own ROM. Testing never ends.

I hope you pick me and make my life little easier with Carbon - App Sync and Backup.

Best of luck guys. :)

The most valuable piece of this is the ability to back-up and restore applications and all their associated data and settings. That is huge! Hope I win!!!

As a Rom Dev, i have to backup my device frequently. Had some dataloss before. Titanium works great, but would love to get my hands on Carbon backup.

I would use this app to backup and restore all my apps and games. I do clean installs of many different roms every other day and Carbon would definitely come in handy

I'd like to use Carbon to (hopefully) cloud sync e-book data across rooted devices. No more hunting for my last read page!

I already lost my data once on a full would be nice to not lose everything again the next time.... Me please !! :)

I back up apps, apps data, and texts so I can restore them really quickly due to being a ROM flashaholic

My Atrix HD has everything from personal info to professional. If I lost the data or phone I would be devastated. Backing up my data is virtually a safety net. Please consider giving me the code. Thank you,

i will save all the apps i currently have on my mid smartphone, and on my tf300t, and next week cherry pick from them to my nexus4!
(hopefully arrives next monday!!!!)

I would love one to backup my app data like long term game progress, etc. before I root and wipe my device since I read rooting will wipe my device for me.

dunno if it can backup wifi connection settings, but being a Contract I.T. Tech, this could save me from remembering over 20 wifi passwords. especially when I wipe my tablet to install a new ROM :D !
I also have 2 personal email addresses, 1 shared email address (between myself and spouse), and 1 work email address that I need to backup and keep managed. D:

Hi Guys,

I'd love to back-up my app data to Carbon. This would make it much easier when I'm flashing new ROMs on my Nexus 4!

I would be able to backup all my apps and data so keeping up with Jelly Belly on my GNex would be more enjoyable. It is already pretty good though knowing so many Devs love to support this device.

Definately need Carbon to back up my gaming and all my app data. I jump between using my S3 and my Note 2 alot and it would be great to easily continue my gaming progress as well as have my info saved to the cloud!

need a backup for my apps (especially games) so i can root my Note 2! (and have piece of mind in case something happens)

As much as I change my rom every other week this would come in so damn handy. If I dont win I might just have to buy it anyway.

I have To back up everything.. Mainly because I switch devices way to often and this just makes it easier when doing so.

Mostly game save data, call logs, texts and the occasional total backup for switching roms. If you had asked me this a few months ago it would have included photos as well but G+ has been pretty helpful there with Instant Upload

Not only do I backup standard things (game data, apps, etc.) I also back up photos, screen shots, emergency contacts, and text files. I work in a job where I directly serve people with developmental disabilities. Sometimes these files help when one gets hurt or when I'm trying to remember details on an incident that occured on site. I've lost files before, and it's made serving to my fullest extent harder. I have ways to back up many of the things I need professionally, but so far no one in one solution.

Love this app! Can't think of a battered way to secure all my(and my 2 year old daughter who's better than me at bad piggies...seriously!) Game apps and save data! Google needs to integrate this into android and Google drive!

I would like one that way I can back up all my most treasured games data, plus pictures and the whole 9 ;)

With two tablets, a phone, and hundreds of apps and games, cloud backup is sounding reaaaaaal nice right about now... Backing up app data is not very fun...

I want to backup my as much as I can, I currently backup my photos and any notes to my home computer. If I could backup all my apps along with all app data that would make it extremely easy to restore if I ever ran into a issue with my phone

I need to back everything up. I rooted my last device (Epic 4g) and used TI Backup, but on my S3 I haven't found a reason to root yet, so therefore don't have a good backup of everything. I would love a Carbon code. Thanks for doing this!

Its great for pushing data from tablet to phone (n4 not rooted yet ;))
Already used it in the beta stadium.
Koush simply rocks ;)

I have the free version and need to back up the 100+ app, Kingsoft documents, recorded stuff, some music, photos.. shall I go on? And am about to get a Nexus 7, and am sure they'll be plenty of stuff to back up on that bad boy too.. Pick me!

Hope to get one. I need to backup Keepassdroid password file, last time my S3 died, I lost all my recent additional passwords.

I am waiting to root my Nexus 4, and need to back up all of my apps and data (temple run 2 specifically)

I need to backup all of my games, data for logging in apps (I seem to have to reflash my phone every couple of weeks, I just can't stop doing fatal mods), and I need the google drive recovery, as storage on my 8Gb Nexus 4 is waaaaaay too tight.

I have to back up all my data needs and then some (I'm a truck driver). An then I must back up all my 5 year old son's apps and data for his tablet. If not, then I won't be his "favorite dad for ever, and ever".

You mean my diabolical schemes could be wasted ? Surely my data centre in my hollowed out volcano is up to the job ? No ? Then give me this Carbon code you speak of or I will forced to set my minions against you. Be warned !

Wow firsthand experience. My galaxy samsung s3 soft bricked yesterday..and I had my friend's birthday photos and videos from the night before on it. ARGH. Boy was I upset. I didn't dare to flash it for the longest time because I was trying to figure out how to get the data out and wished there was some way I could keep important data uploaded to dropbox as and when.

I even..*ominous music* took out my sim card and put it back into my old iphone 4! That's how badly I wanted to not wipe out the phone with the photos and videos on it. Man that thing was tiny..I think my hand started to cramp holding this small old clunky iphone with a half dead home key.

Yes, I would really appreciate the pro version of this app.

I am headed to Turkey next week and it would be great to back up my data and apps to the cloud, in case something happens to my phone. Specifically pictures and texts.

Well, I like the user interface, it's much better than TitaniumBackup. Tried to do a backup on my GNex and it failed, no explanation given.

And stop calling it free; it's NOT free. It's only free to backup, not free to restore. Fix the bugs and I will consider using it.

I live for constantly changing Rom's and devices so this is the ideal backup option for me. Please give me a code!

I would snap if I lost my Angry Birds and Plague Inc. levels. It would also suck to lose my Key Ring Point Card information, folder information (from Folder Organizer App), Podcast subscriptions (can't wait for Pocket Cast cloud backup!), and alarm clocks.

I need to backup videos and photos of family and friends. Memories keep me sane thousands of miles away from home.

I dealt with a buggy and laggy version of jellybean because I didn't want to use titanium backup due to its awful interface. Would rather deal with Android 2.0 level laggyness than use the horrid mess that is titanium backup.

I fear I will need to do a system restore shortly because I am having some rogue battery plummeting issues and this would oh so save me a ton of PITA restoring of data and game saves amongst other headaches. Please of please pick me!!

PS cool app. Keep up the good work!!

My wife refuses to root her SGS3, and hasn't bought a whole lot of apps. She's lost her data twice already though, and I don't want her to get a third strike. Giving get Carbon Backup for Valentine's should solve that. Can I have a code please?

I'd love to be able to backup all of my apps and application (especially game saves) data! This app seems like it makes it so easy!

I need to back up everything! Photos, game data, app data! I hate having to start a game over because I switched phones or accidentally wiped something.

I would use it to backup everything. But most importantly my game data. It would be great to pick up my N7 and start from where I left it on GNex... :)

Love it, great that you don't need root. Got whatsapp working on my Samsung tab2 wifi!!:-). Made backup on phone and did a restore on the tab2. Worked first time I tried.

Count me in! The one thing that attracts me to carbon is its UI. Would love to give it a try as a backup solution.

I think the real question is "what wouldn't I like to back up?" Mostly games like angry birds & Granny Smith just so I don't have to keep doing the levels over & over & over & over every time I flash a new Rom. (yes i'm aware of such apps as titanium and such but they all require root which for some reason Verizon doesn't like) More importantly though I would like to back up Swiftkey so it doesn't have to re-learn all my curse words and slang I like to use. I like the idea that I can use this to switch from phone to phone to tablet, and not have to re-enter every single one of my passwords to twitter, instagram, etc. etc. I'm more than willing to pay the $5 but if I can get it for free, why the hell not?

As a IT consultant I need to backup my timesheet that i use on my phone to bill my clients send a code please

I have roughly 162 apps and would like to be able to backup all of that data and have easy access to if from the cloud...

i'd like to backup all the pictures that I take from my phone.. especially when i keep flashing roms every other week..

I'm a flashaholic on my GS3 and and Nexus 7 and would love an easier way to backup my games and app data. Fingers crossed

Oh I've lost so much game progress due to not having a backup. Shadowgun comes to mind. Help me avoid that by helping me backup my games.

I need to back up all the androidcentral posts that I save to read later! Along with games and some "good" pictures of "friends" ;p

It appears I need backup software... As I just upgraded to WIN 8... And my Hard drive became corrupted somehow.... Lost everything.

Guess you have to learn the hard way.

What would ease the least for my new Nexus 4... Would be to get a FREE copy.

Keep up the good work... I visit and enjoy androd central daily... Plus I love the podcasts.

This would be awesome for backing up game saves without root access. It's especially handy if you're playing a challenging game like superhexagon. Unlocked a new difficulty on the nexus 7 and would love to continue my progress on my brand new Nexus 4.

Thanks for the competitions guys and keep up the amazing work you do for the Android community.

Lost phone? Stolen phone? Drowned phone? New phone? Sending phone in repair? Please set me free from the fear to lose everything I have spent countless hours to set up and cautiously built on my device.

You know how many times I'd have to pass with 3stars angry birds (original & Star Wars) , Rayman, and World of Goo?!!!! gah!!!!! I want thiss, wait... I NEED THIS!!!! :D

I loved how Palm Pre did the backup. All App settings and data are backed up. The App itself will install from the App Store.

Would love to back up my apps and other miscellaneous data so that it's easy to restore when I have to wipe/change/ROM devices. Google never seems to be able to restore anything unless it's on the same device.

I would like to backup my photos and videos to have enough free space, unfortunately my phone doesn't have an SD card alot:/ The other reason is to make a complete backup of my phone because i'll might try a custom rom on my phone:)

Great for backing up personal stuff such as photos and documents and then all apps' data files.

Perfect for backing up all of my plays sets and scouting video for my highschool Basketball team!!! Pic me PLEASE

My password safe database is the main thing, but there's plenty of app configuration data I'd hate to lose.

Backup all apps and data, switch to another ROM that I would like to test drive, and then restore all apps and data. Done! Quick and simple.

I need to back up my Audible stats. Sure, I can always re-download the audiobooks to any new installation, but it doesn't sync over the listening stats and badges.
Gotta have my badges!

well, what do I need to backup? Of course my angry birds data, it's annoying to get 3 stars in each level every time i try a new rom or change something in my phone, everything else lives in the cloud, music in Play, pictures in Dropbox... oh, and my Wifi passwords :P

I was kinda mad when I first read about Carbon... why could they have come out with it like 2 days earlier. I literally just reset my phone and I've decided not to go with root on this phone (Nothing I use needs root), so I ended up losing all my super important app data (Read: Games). Oh well, at least it out now and I know.

I need to backup my game progresses on Angry Birds and Asphalt 7. Don't ever want to lose my game progresses after a reset!

I need to backup my apps so I can unlock and root my phone. Feeling the need to try out some ROMs.

Oooh oooh pick me pick me....this is just what I need to back up my EA games since ea has a reputation of forgetting you bought an app in the playstore and the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!

I'm always trying out different ROMs and would love to be able to back up my app data so that I don't have to set everything up from scratch every time I flash something new.

Backup GAME data! High scores, progress, etc. The most frustrating thing about Android with switching devices or rom flashing, etc is the constant loss of game data without a hassle free way to backup the apps! Other apps would be useful as well, but any app with a login, isn't too bad to re-install fresh, however, keeping settings is another reason to backup!!! Love the free version of this app!!

I would love to have a good complete backup of many things for many reasons. My photos, app data, & everything else backed up for if my phones dies and/or for when I upgrade my phone.

Seeing as how I am a flash addict I need to back up data and pictures and podcast downloads since I have taken to completely wiping internal data whenever I switch ROMS, basically because I am a masochist.