You knew this was eventually going to happen. An official version of Tetris, from EA Mobile, was just released and it takes full advantage of the Motorola Droid's gorgeous screen.

With smooth animations along with some pretty decent music and sound effects, you have yourself a version of Tetris that competes with the best of them. Sadly, there is no multiplayer mode, but you do get three challenging single player modes -- Marathon mode, Ultra, and Forty Line.

This is a very polished version of Tetris, although I noticed the controls at times seemed a little clumsy, especially at higher levels. Hopefully an update will fix this. The other negative is that you can not use the Droids directional pad. Now perhaps I am being a bit harsh, because at the end of the day it is Tetris, and it's addicting.

Tetris is now available in the Market for $4.99.


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Quick App: TETRIS for Moto Droid


So there is this directional pad that eats into the precious keyboard real estate and a game like Tetris doesn't use it?

Seems like even more of a waste now.

the real meaning of this is that more professional studios are developing for droid. some of my favorite games on the apple app store were from EA.

Yes, if you have BarcodeScanner installed on your phone, you can scan 2d bar codes and it will take you directly to the app in the market place.