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Since I picked it up last week, the LG Optimus G Pro has become my go-to daily driver and as I said in our full review, it is by and large a device worthy of sharing shelf space with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One. It's an exciting and stressful time to buy an Android device on AT&T, but we're here to lend a hand-- if you're still on the fence about whether the Optimus G Pro is worthy your two-year commitment, join me in the forums where I'll be answering your questions as they come in. Fire away!

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why LG Optimus G Pro has been removed from AT&T website?


remixkilla says:

They didn't removed it. They just pushed it down. I'm guessing its not that popular.

I dont think that that phone really kicked it off :/

Gearu says:

Wait for the Renoir Deux coming later this year.

jwyche007 says:

I saw this phone at the AT&T store and I was blown away to be honest.

the gator says:

I agree, great screen, fast and nice size.

TheDu9du says:


Battery life vs the Galaxy Note 2 in real everyday use.

sublimaze says:

Per Mr Vacca's review, he was "scrambling" for a charger by 9pm. I routinely get 30+ hours on my Note 2.
Hmmm. 14 vs 30 hours. Tough decision...

PJMAN2952 says:

I never heard of this phone until now.

Vacmfuzzy says:

That makes two of us.Sadly,marketing for these 2nd-tier phones is non-existent.

Ester Kamm says:

Does it really have a built in TV.?

hpurvis65 says:

What's the LG Optimus G Pro latest updates