Qik Video Connect enables Android-to-iOS video chat and much more

Skype today has a newly updated version of Qik Video Connect in the Android Market. The updated app, takes a lot of common video features that we know from Qik and wraps them all into one application but not only do you get all those familiar features -- you also now get Android-to-iOS video chat ability. Check out the full list of features below:

  • Live video calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi
  • Video calls between Qik Android and iPhone/iOS users
  • High resolution video calling (up to VGA)
  • Receive video mail when you can’t talk live
  • Share live videos to Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Video Feed: See all videos shared by friends
  • Instant Connect: Automatically see who in your phone’s contact list is available for a live video call

Qik Video Connect will work with any Android device 2.1 and up as well as iPhones, the iPad2 and every iPod Touch with a camera. While some of you may have had this pre loaded onto your device, this is the first time it's been made available for everyone. Jump on past the break for the download link. Let us know in the comments if you prefer it over the other similar apps that are out there. [Skype Blog]

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is this app any different from the t-mobile version of qik?

Bla1ze says:

No, they just made it available for everyone vs. being only available on T-Mobile. Minor differences really.

Thank you Chris, for clarifying.

SomeAudioGuy says:

Hmmm... It seems to not detect my friends using the Sprint version of the app...

Rigelian says:

Seems like a nice program. Unfortunately it doesn't work correctly on the Xoom. Any attempt to use two-way video chat immediately FC the application. Video mail seems to work, but the record and share function seems a bit glitchy.

Hopefully a Xoom enabled version will be released, however, the rumors of Google releasing a GTalk version that will allow mobile to mobile two way video chat may obviate the need for this application.

BartmanJax says:

Doesn't work. Tried the T-Mobile version several months ago and it sucked. This one will not access my camera. Still needs work. Nexus S/2.3.3

does this sync with skype contacts?

scothran says:

It would be nice if Skype would just provide video chat functionality for all Android devices with a front facing camera and get it over with. Stop tooling around Skype!

dchawk81 says:

It records sideways on my Epic.

ScottJ says:

This allows me to video chat with iOS users? Ugh. It's bad enough to have to hear their voice, but now I have to see their smug faces too?

ace060782 says:

U android fanboys kill me always hating on apple when most apple users have no bad feelings towards android, me being an ip4 owner and a g2 owner am unbias but with all the negative talk about apple makes android users look pathetic, both Os have there pros and cons get over it already

cabrone says:

Most apple users? Maybe in your group of persons you are associated with. Frankly, I have a friend who works at apple and he always goes on and on about their applications and better support and this and that. Many people I know do the same. They are apple leg humpers. Android can have them too, LOL

ScottJ says:

Well, at least Android users know how to spell. We also know how to use sentences. I'm assuming all iOS users aren't as illiterate as you. However, they are still smug.

jhzafrani says:

Is this any different than the Qik for Atrix app? Looks the same...

Terrigno says:

It dont work on the Xoom either.

Ryan Roland says:

Me too. Would a been nice. Skype is being tarded for not just using their own app. Duh winning!

stepchild says:

It seems to be working good on my Captivate. I have also installed it on my iphone 3GS and the wife's iphone 4. All seem to be working good, in both wifi and 3G.

Rican.S4 says:

From the comments I see on the app store it looks like this update caused a lot of problems. I won't be updating to this version.

ayoo456#AC says:

Not working with my Atrix. Says I have an incompatible version. I downloaded both

ShaLea says:

What's the difference between Qik by Sprint (v0.08.22), and Qik Video Connect (v0.08.27)? Which one s/b downloaded on the Epic? Does it make a difference at all? Do either of them work on the Epic?

I continue to get a FC everytime i try to do a video chat...

mavricxx says:

Please bring this App to the Playbook.