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Call off the dogs, folks. Qik took to its blog late Friday (early Saturday according to the timestamp) to explain the documentation first found by Android Guys and later by Engadget (and, admittedly, later repeated by us) that its video chat service on the Sprint Evo 4G would cost an extra $4.99 a month. Basic video chat will, in fact, be free. "Advanced, premium features," however, will cost something extra, though the blog doesn't specifically say how much. Here's the full skinny:

Well, there’re a number of rumors flying around that the 2-way Qik mobile video service will require a premium subscription. We wanted to clarify what that really means. Firstly, rest assured that the core Qik service that lets you communicate live from your phone to other phones, web and desktop will be FREE. Yes – this means that the core capability of doing 2-way Qik video chat will be FREE for Sprint EVO 4G users. The subscription fee will be for some advanced premium features that we are working on, which we will be announcing on June 4th – the day the amazing HTC EVO 4G phone launches.

So, tune back in on June 4th for a complete list of features of the new Qik along with the optional advanced premium features for you to enjoy!

Maybe this was one of those blog rumors gone wild. Maybe this was the plan all along. (Phil's guess: More than likely just a garbled message that ended up in some documentation somewhere.) Qik didn't respond to our e-mail Thursday night, and we'll likely never know. But basic video chat will be free, and we can all go back to worrying about what's really important: Complaining about when our phones will get the Froyo update. [Qik] Thanks, Rick!


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Qik responds: Evo 4G video chat free, 'advanced premium features' extra


I think it really was supposed to be $5, but Qik panicked and tried to cover it up after all the outrage. Thats just my opinion... I could be totally wrong.

There never was a $4.99 fee for video chat, Qik has always had a premium service, which is HD quality video streaming.

I dunno, I doubt it... I think that since it wasn't supposed to be released to the public until June 4th and someone took it out of context that they were just put in an unexpected situation.

They announced through and through that their services would be free. I would have to guess advanced features would be something you get to use on their website, or manipulation tools for $5 a month, and it's paypal so you can pay for the month you want it and not pay for the other months when it isn't needed.

Qik has had stuff like this before. It is just a shame that the bad news about $10 a month was blown up at Sprint, and the Qik taken out of context further beats a horse closer to death.

It's a day later, how is that way too long? Not to mention it was an "anonymous source" that gave info about the supposed monthly fee. I'd take the word from the horses mouth over an anonymous source any day.

Don't you just love competition? As soon as this came out fring jumps out to point out how their service is free. Now qik is posting how their service is free and providing some clarity. If it was an iPhone rumor then apple wouldn't bother to share anything and just let us languish in dispair. The one thing android's wide device selection does is makes developers develop at a quicker (or Qik-er?). Curse sometimes, mostly a blessing.

Maybe this is why it wasn't included on the developers' phones. Maybe they wanted to save all this till launch date so their "premium features" aren't exposed before they wanted them available to the public.

Delayed response brings shock value. Any publicity is good publicity if you already have the answer the people want to hear and that buzz might have scored them some more interest and traffic in their site.

My first tip to get posted! (or at least to mention me directly :p)

Anywho. I think they might have planned to charge for it. Saw the heat they were getting on the internet. So just left it free. Well in about 6 days we will find out what these so called premium services are

Well if Qik isn't just covering its A$$ here, then there was a whole lot of unnecessary confusion and panic generated due to some poorly timed and ineffective communication.

I bet Sprint took considerable heat here especially after you consider the announcement on the $30 HotSpot and the $10 premium "add-on" features whether you get to benefit from them or not; Sprint is slowly becoming a pricey carrier just like the others.

Changes are high that Sprint and Qik didn't want to give Skype any momentum in this race to provide video chat on a wireless platform.

And... By-the-way.... "There're"? SERIOUSLY? This ISN'T EVEN A WORD.

LoL... The typo (I hope) shows how quickly (or should I say Qikly) Qik is back peddling on their plan to charge EVO 4G users another premium.

they could also charge a premium for the ability to chat with google talk people on pc which they said it was a feature on the qik app

this is what makes me laugh the most! every one flipped out about it and it was b.s. maybe it wasnt even close to being true at all. or, and this seems more likely, qik leaked it a week early to gauge a response from potential users. and after the backlash thought better of it. because they already offer the free streaming they dont wanna lose ppl who will use the video chat feature. no sense in letting the competition one up you b4 the phone even launches you.
i dont think ill use the video chat thing but its nice to know i can for free, for the basic stuff.
i think maybe sprint will see the error of their ways with the 10 dollar fee. i for one will pay that and like it. but maybe they have a launch day surprise for us regarding the 10 dollar fee. im hoping!

All I can about this is Good on Qik for changing their mind. I might even get the premium services is if I need it. I suspect Qik may do what drug dealers do. Give away some free crack to get you hooked THEN (DA DA DA DAAAaaaa!) they start charging all services.

What Qik needs is some good ole competition so that they will stay mindful there are (Fring) and will be other providers that EVO 4G users go to for this type of service.

It is obvious some of you do not get it, the initial so-called leak came from an anonymous source (unverified) who claimed to work for Sprint. That person provided a form which allegedly had FAQ's, which showed a $4.99 MRC(monthly recurring charge). That info did not come from Qik. There are other Sprint employees saying the FAQ's in their Playbook never had the $4.99 fee. Either it was a typo on some other form at Sprint, or someone just made it up.

As to the Qik app, it is my understanding it will function similar to Fring, it has been confirmed that Qik does integrate with Google Talk through contacts. At launch the Qik app may have other functions to enable it to integrate with Skype, AIM, Yahoo, etc. If not at launch later with an update. It should not be a problem since all of the video-chat apps use the same video engine.

Regardless of the original intent, it's good to know that the app will indeed remain free unless I choose for the "premium features".

I thought I read somewhere that these "premium features" are for HD streaming and video calls with multiple people. All features that I don't have to have and will not be paying for.