Pushbullet is a great way to send links and images to your phone as well as see your notifications on your computer. An update today makes it even better.

Version 13.8 adds Tasker support and shows images from your phone notifications on your desktop. The actual changelog:

  • Pushbullet now shows the full image from your notifications on your computer. (When you get a text message you'll see the picture of who it's from!)
  • Added Tasker Event plugin support (requires Tasker 4.3)
  • Make the app even more efficient + fixed some bugs

Pushbullet is free, and definitely worth havign a look at. frab it from the Google play link at the top of the post.

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Gekko says:

i love this App. i use it for CNN, CNN Money alerts as well as a few others. used along with MightyText and you have a winning combination.

A2theC says:

Thanks a bunch, nice to see a great improvement to an already awesome app.