The latest update to Pushbullet has recently been updated so SMS notifications that are mirrored on your desktop can actually let you reply to the message. Just click in the notification, type on your luxuriously huge desktop keyboard, hit enter, and away it goes. This feature was enabled for a few select partner apps before, but now it should work across the board. Another recent update allowed for a shared clipboard, so you could copy text on one device and paste in another.

For those unfamiliar. Pushbullet is a lightweight application which sends all manner of push notifications to your other devices or those of friends. Paired with a Chrome extension, Pushbullet can mirror all of your Android device's notifications on your computer, and even lets you reply directly to text messages without having to use your phone. Snippets of text, website links, images, addresses, files, and lists are the kinds of content currently supported by Pushbullet. Pushes can be sent directly through the system-wide share menu to one or all of the destinations hooked up to your account, while received pushes can also be in turn shared out through other channels available on your device. A full history of pushes, both sent and recieved, are accessible through your device and the web.

This update to Pushbullet is hugely helpful, and with any luck, the functionality will spread to other messaging applications soon. Any avid Pushbullet users out there right now? Any features you'd like to see implemented?


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Pushbullet now lets you answer text messages on your computer


If I could text without having to Reply to an existing message, this would totally replace MightyText for me. Especially since MightyText has not been working right lately...

Yeah, if I could see all of my text messages and respond via my computer kind of like I could when I had my Moto X, this would be the best app ever. As it stands now, I'm good with this addition. It definitely helps out when I'm sitting at my desk all day and I don't have to look at my phone unless I know it's REALLY important.

I actually downloaded this today and have been experimenting with it. I have a Galaxy S4 and first downloaded the Firefox plug-in. Unfortunately, on Firefox, the notifications would pop-up, then disappear within a few seconds and there was no way to access them once you "missed them." I chatted online with customer support and this is an unfortunate problem on the browser apps. They said Chrome was a little better, but recommended the Windows desktop app. The Windows app is awesome and does what I need it to do. You can set notifications to stay on screen from a few seconds to permanently until you either dismiss them or respond if it's a text. On the Windows app you can also customize where on your PC screen the notification will pop up. You also get all notifications on your PC screen, but can customize the ones you wish to continue receiving. I would say my only minor issue is the fact that when you respond to a text, the original "new" message notification remains on your phone until you clear it. Pretty minor, but I'm loving it for texts.

Do the notifications show up if you're in the start screen or using one of the metro apps in windows 8? I have no way to test this for now, but I wanted to keep this in my radar if it does

It doesn't. But - and I haven't tried this, yet - you could enable the 'Show in fullscreen apps' option in the notification settings on the desktop client/mobile app.

Pushbullet is cool but as much as it pains me to say it...Verizon's Message+ has great transparency between phone and web browser on a computer. You can initiate and or respond to messages from any device and they are all synced automatically. It's pretty much the only thing vzw does well. I realize it's only for vzw users but just wanted to point it out

Though, Pushbullet for Windows really works like black magic. Press ctrl+C in Windows and tap paste in any app on your phone, without having to do anything else in between, it just pastes that clipboard right in on your phone... :D

i love Pushbullet for CNN, CNN Money, Weather Channel Mirrored Notifcations but i still need MightyText to INITIATE a NEW text.

but now i am getting DOUBLE text notifications (MightyText AND Pushbullet - no idea how to stop.

when the push bullet notification comes up, there is a button that says don't show anymore from a certain app. hit that and problem solved!

ha thanks but for some reason that button remains hidden regardless of how i have it set in settings in the Chrome Ext! not sure WTF is going on. i set it both ways and it never shows that button anymore.

yes sorry i should have been clearer - i have set Hangouts as "OFF" from within the Android App and yet it still mirrors by default regardless.

Soo, push bullet figured out how to do it before Google.

Props. You guys are on fire (I assume your in the amazon app store, I know bad pun)

Whats next, pushbullet enables app data backup for migrating data to new devices!

Hmm. I've been using Mighty Text for the past year or so. Might give this a shot, just because

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I like pushbullet. But MightyText works better. And airdroid is still my number one.

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Mightytext has been malfunctioning for me lately and this is the icing on the cake. Goodbye might text.

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I don't know why this is news, I've been able to do this for weeks with Pushbullet. EvolveSMS and Pushbullet have been working hand in hand for a while now it would seem.

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