Pure News Widget

Adding to the series of Pure Widgets, Android developer Francois Deslandes has released Pure News to the Android Market after plenty of beta testing. Pure News is a scrollable widget that works in combination with many of the launchers that are available and allows for creation of a customizable, scrollable news widget through Google Reader. If you're also lucky enough to own a Motorola Xoom you'll find that Pure News is supported and all of the customizable options that are made for smaller devices will also run on the Xoom such as skinning, update options and cache operations.

One small caveat of the Pure News widget is that you have to enable scrollable widgets within whatever launcher it is that you are using. You should find those options under the settings area of your launcher of course but once enabled you'll be up and running. Android 3.0 can by pass this step though as 3.0 allows for scrollable widgets.

Sadly, no lite or trial version is available currently but you should certainly be able to see if it fits your needs within the refund time allotted. Jump on past the break for the download and to see it up and running on the Motorola Xoom.

Pure News Widget


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Pure News scrollable news widget now available


All my widgets are by this dev.. Everything he makes just works like it should period! I rely on his message widget heavily as well as the calendar.

I don't use his stuff as much anymore, but will recommend it to anyone who relies on widgets. Everything he does is great. I'm going to restore the Beta of this widget and use it a little to see if I want to buy it.

I've been using the Atoma scrollable news widget and I've been happy with it except for three things... It bogs the launcher down with lag for a few seconds when it's refreshing (the lesser of the three issues, and might be because of big engadget feed), it displays ads on the quick read window (I've suggested a paid version but I guess the dev makes more money this way, evens a button to launch articles in browser tho), and the most annoying quirk is that it sometimes takes an extremely long time to drop me back at the launcher when I press home in the middle of a page load (inside the internal quick news viewer).

I also use all three of the other Pure widgets (music, calendar x2, social) with no performance issues (and Beautiful Weather + Minimalistic Text + a small SwitchPro widget)... I'll be trying out Pure's later for sure. I do hope it allows you to catalog feeds with colors and display only news headlines tho.