Pulse Reader Now Free

Pulse, a popular news reader by Alphonso Labs, is now available for the low, low cost of free on your Android smartphone.  Pulse allows you to select up to 20 feeds and arrange them in an image-based grid.  Check out our Quick App Review.

Previously the app was available for 99 cents, but thanks in part to those who purchased the application, the development team had the time and resources needed to bring the app to it's current release.  If you're in the market for a news reader (or you just want to give another one a try) check out the video and market links after the break. [Alphonso Labs]


Reader comments

Pulse news reader now free


Just wish it would sync with Google Reader to mark as read. Really do like it; though it will be hard to beat the habit of reader.google.com on my EVO.

Yup, it seems to me the big draw of this app is picture. They are aiming for a younger readership, who typically won't read anything unless a picture attracts their attention.

Google Reader is just hard to beat if you ask me, and the integration with Listen for podcasts is awesome. If I miss the AC podcast Reader will have it on my phone the next day.

Didn't realize facebook is also a verb, as in "facebook it." :S
There are a lot of good readers out there, but I'll give this one a try. More and more, I find ads increasingly annoying, and don't mind paying a reasonable price for an app.

I like the look of Pulse, but there still doesn't seem to be a "mark read" option, which makes it a deal-breaker. Still love FeedR for my day-to-day feeder needs.

Was cool till it started force closing and only spitting out half articles after you press on an article. Uninstalled.

I'm glad its free so more people can enjoy it. But it sucks when you pay for something only to find 2 weeks latter that you didn't need to.

Oh Smartphone Experts, what would I do without you? I've discovered so many handy apps from your newsposts, and I feel like my devices would go under used in some ways. Although the refresh button on Facebook would probably still get a solid workout everyday.

I like the form factor, unfortunately it's preloaded with liberal jibberish for reading choices... feel like I'm in Al Gore's laboratory... you know, the one where he invented the internet.