Remember the one where Jerry said he was bothered about the fake chrome trim on the Sprint Optimus G, and how it didn't seem to sit flush?

Yeah. Always remove the plastic before you complain. 

That's all it was. With the protective plastic gone, things are smooth and fit nicely. Crow is delicious!

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atlas9171 says:

Hate when that happens, but it happens.

PJMAN2952 says:

When my dad got a new Toshiba laptop we couldn't figure out why the camera was really bad. Even the store employer couldn't figure it out. Then I found out there was a protective plastic film on it. What a fail.

Dirtman16 says:

Ha! Now that's funny right there.

Recently had a protective plastic piece over a head unit in a new vehicle. Took me a week to figure out why it was so hard to read the display from an angle. So don't feel too bad.

at least you say your error and was man enough to admit it most blog would have just done and update or leave it and not say anything at all.

SpookDroid says:

Speaking of updating... I believe an update (and apology) in the original review is in order :P hehe

Buckintown says:

Heh... Oh, I'd better check to see if my printer's plugged in, before I rip the techguy another...

thanks for the tip, uncle Jerry. :)

moosc says:

Remember to remove film from camera lense also

LegacyEvoAce says:


cozzy123 says:

YaaaAAa...sounds like something I would do. Glad to hear that the LG has one less bad thing going for it. Would love to hear that it is a great phone during your review.

LG could use some more successes in the wireless industry.

hehehee You're Awesome Jerry! - D

Waaaaaaaaah! No LTE signal. Defected phone!

*inserts sim card the wrong way*

biln says:

pros will be pros, too much rushing through these reviews on here just to try to be one of the first reviews out on the internet. not only the product reviewed but also the actual writing.

Mobius360 says:

That's funny. I really want LG to come through here and give us another solid option for phones. To me these Optimus G phones are by far the best thing I've seen from LG.

The Stig CA says:

Someone I know complained that the blue plastic film was starting to degrade on the door sill trim in his car after a few years. I told him that was the protective film that comes from the factory, that you are supposed to remove so that you can enjoy the pristine brushed aluminum underneath. His response, "but I like the blue." LOL.

bawboh86 says:

Sounds like what I did with my OG Droid. There was plastic behind the screen half, and I thought it was suppose to be there. Of course, sliding it in and out messed that plastic up, which bothered me because it also made it more difficult. A friend pointed out that the plastic was there to help protect during shipping.

TL;DR: Manufacturers should put instructions to tell us about all the plastic we should remove.

tgaskill says:

Also be thankful for the protective plastic. Wouldn't want it getting scratched during shipment like another phone we know. ;)

a22matic says:


kernmal says:

"Remember the one where Jerry said he was bothered about the fake chrome trim on the Sprint Optimus G, and how it didn't seem to sit flush?"

Sounds like a Seinfeld episode.

rap1 says:

Are you going to update the other post so someone who doesn't see this doesn't think there's a problem when there's not?

Way to man up Jerry! Kudos bro

Robbzilla says:

At least you were man enough... blah blah blah. Go have a beer or something.

vor says:


jean15paul says:

Cool beans. You should probably update the original post so that people that just read that one don't get the wrong impression. But you know what ... I know you're on top of it. You're probably editing it as I type this. I should just delete this comment, but for some reason I'm still typing. I guess I just have to hit the submit ... I mean the "save" button.

andrewvig says:

My favorite part is that he referenced 2 out of 4 cons for the phone as the raised sides. Lol.

zachavm says:

See, this is just another reason I love this site. 99% of the tech sites out there would NEVER admit to a mistake like this. We're all human and we all have the occasional brain fart. Being willing to admit to it just shows you are secure in who you are.

Now that I've buttered you up, please respond to my voicemail in this weeks podcast. It's about a feature I think android should implement: an Integrated cloud service that will allow any app (through APIs) to access any cloud service (like dropbox, google drive, skydrive, owncloud, ect.).

The only problem with the new iPhone is low volume on the phone. What? Remove the plastic? Much better now, thanks.

Hand_O_Death says:

Hello, This Is IT. Have You Tried Turning It OfF And On Yet?

Om Nom Nom!! Crow! Thanks for the chuckle.... been there done that!

hybrid06339 says:

too late - chromegate is out

TimmyB says:

So, I went back to the auto parts store, complaining about my $20 Rain-X wiper blade. Very disappointing, to say the least. Until the clerk walked outside and removed the clear, plastic sleeve that covers the actual blade. You know, the part that actually makes contact with the window.

**Tail between legs, driving away now...

LadyDi says:

Jerry - BIG UP to you for being honest. I am one who leaves "plastic, stickers and etc" attached to everything they come on IF... they are not intrusive. My laptop still has every sticker on it that it came with day one. Yep, all of them. I have gone as far as leaving one of the last 2 cell phone's plastic on the screen as my screen protector. It worked fine for a very long time. I, however, was very eager to remove the lil blue plastic inside of the SGSII on the SIM card area. I thought it would eventually melt or something and mess up my lovely new phone.

Thank you for excellent reading on Android Central.com

OffSpot2 says:

"If you think there is a ridge on the....You might be a Redneck....Here`s your sign!"

God I love these moments when it`s not me for a change...

oldbaldy says:

I guess I'm not losing my marbles!

SamTime says:

Bravo, Jerry, Bravo.