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At $99 bucks, the HP TouchPad would make one hell of an Android Tablet.  It has about the same basic internals of the HTC EVO 3D, a decent 1024x768 IPS display, and after the news that HP was killing them off, it now has the right price.

Android could work nicely on it, and it's only natural that someone is going to try it.  The work won't be easy -- there's the matter of hardware support for all the "peripherals" like sensors and wireless, file partitions need figured out, and all other manner of geeky things under the hood need tweaked to even get it booting up.  But we've heard from several people who are planning to do just that, and we wish them the best of luck.  Hopefully, some of the users that will be flocking to Android from webOS will have some know-how and they will be able to work with our talented Android development community and make it so.

OK, OK. So it's not like people haven't tried to get Android on webOS hardware (and vice-versa) before. Both platforms have been around long enough that such unholy hacking was inevitable. But now that the TouchPad is a mere $99, you're going to see a lot more people getting in the game.

Kicking yourself for not picking one up for $99?  Yeah, so am I.


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Project started to port Android to the $99 HP TouchPad


It's not too late. I got 2 yesterday and 2 today. If they can get android performing like it does on my 3VO, then that makes this thing work better than my GT10.1 and Transformer. My 3VO outperforms them in just about everything.

I would wait for ICS before I put android on it, honeycomb is way too unstable. Was able to pickup a like new xoom for $350 a couple of months ago and loved it when it worked, but too often it would not with constant FC, had to start using a task killer again BC apps that fc would not open again without killing them, sometimes mulitple times. Got sick of it but luckily I decided to sell last week before this whole HP thing happened, sold it for $400. Now going to get 3 HP tabs for the same price I paid for the xoom. But I will not be putting honey comb on it, will give webos a try. Plus I believe it has more tablet apps than honeycomb. Saw a video of the WordPress app for webos and it looks 100times better than the android version. Hopefully HP does continue to support webos, and if not and someone ports ics over I will do that, but for now Google has lost me with their bug ridden tablet os that manufacturers have the audacity to charge premium prices for.

Assuming the HP store doesn't cancel, I have a 32gig unit coming my way. If it helps, any group that gets serious steam up in getting android onto the TP can count on me kicking in some $$ to make this happen.

I'd go and buy one right now, but I'm not sure I wan't to be stuck with webOS if the porting doesn't go through.

you wont be stuck with it., you can give it to someone in a 3rd world country or some old person whose not too familiar with technology.


if you're like me and have small children in your house, give it to them to keep their dirty little hands off your Galaxy Tab 10.1

Boy, you really have a low opinion of WebOS Linux. Let me tell you, in many ways it is as good or better than Android Linux. Both are quite capable.

Of course, I doubt there would be any FURTHER real development of WebOS, so I can understand the OP's "stuck" comment. But yours really goes over the top!

WebOS isn't going away, just the HP Mobile division. The development community for webos is huge and it's a lot more open than android ever has been. Palm/HP has never even tried locking their software. WebOS is great by itself, it was just hindered by horrible management decisions and late/subpar hardware. It should have been licensed from the beginning like Android was. In the hands of companies like HTC it would have been huge.

Ordered my 32 GB Friday night but no confirmation e-mail from HP...my order on their website says "item being processed"...

I got lucky and got one order from best buy's website. I called my dad and told him to order also, but they were sold out when he tried.
I really had no interest in any tablet, but for the price I really couldn't pass it up.

Jerry, don't give up. They are still findable, hp small business site has the 32gb availiable still.

I got 2 of the $99.00 ones ..... one for the wife and one for me....really hoping they manage to port Android over to the Touchpad

I will probably get flamed badly for saying this but here we go.

I hope this project fails, and never works. (even though it probably will be successful). It really angered me that i had to go through hell to try to buy a touchpad yesterday, And pretty much gave up. then ended up finding one on a fluke visit to bestbuy right before they closed, when they announced they are going to start selling them.

I have heard stories of people buying in bulk at some other retailers, and some asking for the HP Ipad, or HP tablet, while webos faithful got ended up not being able to get any. heck when i was waiting at bestbuy last night, for them to figure out how to ring them up properly everyone that had them in hand where all talking to each other, and no one even heard of webos. I stood their and taught everyone basically what webos was, and about palm, and multitasking cards, and syneregy, and all the good stuff.

IT was just a bunch of bargain hunters, and resellers, out in hordes yesterday. people who could give a damn about webos. basically throwing a big party at our funeral.

So sorry maybe im letting off my frustration at the wrong folks here, i dont think the majority of the hordes buying touchpads will even consider porting android to it. probably only the tech community and the same people who root and flash android phones will. I am not hating on them, as far as i know the tech community had a lot of respect for webos. so i dont know just kinda mad at the whole situation of HP axeing webos, and it kills me to see people taking advantage of it, i bought a touchpad to lessen the sting of the end of webos, however it kinda made it worse, cause wow webos on the touchpad is pretty awesome, and made me fall in love with it all over again. sorry for the rant.

I hear ya man! I'm a fan of webOS and the multitasking giant that it is and I actually really love it on the touchpad.. The palm pre kinda ruined the webOS experience for me back then so I had to jump ship when the Evo 4G came out.

I was lucky enough to get a full refund on my 40 day old 32 gb touchpad. Not only that I was able to score the galaxy 10.1 32 gb for the same $500. Its a hell of a nice piece of hardware. What I want is webos on this galaxy tab.... sorry droiders... im trying, the apps are great but i miss the fluid goodness of webos.... too bad its all but dead. Its a crime that webos never had one decent piece of hardware to tell its story on, cause as the poster above said and i keep seeing... no one has a clue of what webos is.

They can choke on their $300 TouchPads.I hope all those people on eBay get burned. WebOS faithful got the shaft from every direction, no doubt.

i get what you mean, Im a tech dweeb & a mild reseller here & there when time permits & financial troubles call for it, but Ive always been aware of the way resellers rape the market of any potential deals for the normal consumer.

but i also feel you're lashing out at the wrong group here. Most ppl who want Android on the TouchPad intend it for personal keeps, otherwise theyd just it over back out to the market @ an inflated NEW-in-BOX price. You might argue they they'll try to charge more of an Android touchPad but i highly doubt that'll fly w ppl who kno what they're buying.. and w laymens, it just sounds shady & they'll think they'll get arrested for buying a "hacked" product (assuming they even kno what it means to have android instead of webOS)

Im also on the boat to wait for android on a touchpad assuming my order thru HP is approved. Im familiar and comfortable w Android and the 'ecosystem' is growing quite nicely. Too bad i didnt really open my eyes towards webos until HP's declaration to ditch it, I'm hearing so many great things about it, it's definitely a shame to lose such a competitive OS from the scene w/o the recognition it deserved. Im def looking fwd to exploring webOS when my units arrive.. Im a little afraid I might like it enough to keep it native.

I guess your frustration may be justified afterall. For every owner that gets a touchpad to flash android, is another nail in the coffin for webOS, b/c it couldve been a passionate webOS owner keeping the platform alive, keeping 3rd party development alive.

I agree, I also think its ridiculous that people have said in numerous other forums and areas that they would purchase 2 or more for kids under the age of 10, etc. Buy 1 or maybe 2 and leave some for people who actually want a tablet to sit on there couch to browse the web or take on trips etc. The ones who are going to try to resell at 200+ are crazy and I hope they don't get the sale they were looking for!

I would not go as far as saying I want to see this fail. I too love webOS and can't understand why you would want android on the TouchPad. I hope others at least give webOS a true chance. My wife which loves android is getting a fire sale TouchPad and is not going to port android. She has seen the multitasking, notification, browser, homebrew, quality apps, etc. It is a great OS and doesn't deserve to be covered by another. All it needs is more apps and a future device.

I am giving android 30 days with a android nexus and so far android is losing. I am looking at getting a pre 2 on sprint. Today I found out google won't let nexus get facebook contacts cause it is breaking Google's rules. STRIKE!

I'm posting this from the 32 gig touchpad I bought at Wal-Mart yesterday for 149! At that price why the hell not? Android on this would be awesome! I also have a zoom and love it so I can't wait to see if they actually get this project to work!

Just managed to order one from the HP small business website after jumping though tons of errors. Only the 32GB one was available but its still a great deal. Still waiting for the conformation e-mail

I hope this turns into a great android tablet if the project goes through.

Good luck with your e-mail, i ordered mine 36 hours ago, and no confirmation...I hope its just because it's not a business day...

Yea. It says mine is supposed to arrive on the 23rd. So I'll have to see if the device arrives if I don't get an e-mail

I'm not entirely sure. They made it sound like that's when it will arrive. But That might be when it's shipping.

Ick. Only if you want a $100 angry birds player. The hardware is garbage, so why would you put android on an inferior tablet like that? Port webOS to a sleeker, more capable tablet and you might have something.

That tablet has the cheapest feeling, most plasticky, least cool looking hardware this side of a chinese android tablet.

Garbage? Are you living in the stoneage? There isn't a tablet out there with the specs the TouchPad has. Dual core 1.2ghz cpu, adreno 220 gpu. Top of the line.

I wanted a 49 day old hp Failpad to TTS with my 49 day old MS Kin so that I may share the same Guinness page between them.
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The drivers and such shouldn't be to big of an issue considering the webos is open source as well and it is also programmed in java similar to android but the big difference is how google steamlined the java in an archive using their own custom apk format. Plus I've read where one of the devs wants to make it so everyone has multiple boot options. So those that want to try out different android OSs can. Or if those that had apps on the webos can still boot up into that so they can still use those. Plus have the option of android os as well. And from a development stand point they could very well one implement some of the great features of the webos into android. This is going to be interesting...

Took half a day at the HP site but got the $99 one.I hope to put Android on it.This just shows that a $99-199 tablet would sell to the masses like hotcakes.Every manufacture wants to make a mint off overpriced Tablets like Apple,even when they don't have a computable product.Let this be a lesson.

I bought the 32GB from HP today, I had to refresh about 200 times just to get it in my cart and then another 50 times to enter my billing info.......who knows maybe I ordered a bunch of em!!

I just bought one from the same source. they keep popping up incrementally in inventory on Amazon. Try slickdeals.net if you can't find one on your own.

I am so glad I finally gave up on the unrealized potential of webOS last December. I love Android and my Evo, and I hope I can use the Touchpad as an Android tablet someday soon.

Ordered a 32GB unit from Amazon... $150 assuming it comes, it should be great to work with... even if it's just on webos...

Anyone have a link I have tried all of the above... Nada. I would also like to point out how poorly this was handled by HP and Best Buy. I was already down on Best Buy but this is a joke. With that said I would really like to port Honeycomb onto one of these beasts. Links anyone?

I ordered 1 for $99 + $5.80 shipping at Amazon about an hour ago. I already have 2 Honeycomb tablets (Xoom and Transformer), so I'll let my 7 year old have this one. He will be so happy with this new toy!

Guys, I want to do a simple calculation:

HP bought Palm for 1.2 billion.

There is report that they sold 350,000 units during the closeout sales. I don't know the actual cost to manufacture the TouchPad, but I am going to give it an average of $200 for both the 16Gb and the 32Gb model (I think I am underestimating, frankly.) So, that put the cost of making the TouchPad to 70 million.

I don't know how many people in HP had worked on the development of the Palm OS, so let's just assume there's a magical button in HP that they can just press and boon, here we go the new Palm OS for the TouchPad.

That means, HP lost 1.27 billion in just 1 year. Imagine what would happen if they spent that 1.27 billion into making an Android tablet and sold it at a loss for $99. Given the demand of the TouchPad, which runs an OS with no future, I think it will easily put HP at the top of the Android tablet market immediately.

What they did is downright bizarre. Shareholders also see it that way with their stock dropping about 20% add ~$10 billion in lost market cap as well. It just looks like a mismanaged mess.

costcentral.com has over 10,000 in inventory according to when I ordered mine. You will have to keep refreshing the website, but keep at it! It will eventually load!

Agreed, I just ordered 2 from costcentral.com and you just have to keep refreshing.. Everyone you get to the next screen save that tab so if it times out you don't have to go back to the start :)

If anyone is looking for links I just picked up two 16 gig touchpads from Barnes and Noble for $230 and change for me and my dad. Feels like June '09 again where I was SO hyped for the pre- to drop, heck I basically forced my dad to get one too because I was convinced webos was going to be the ultimatum in smartphone os. Look at it now.....

It is a couple bucks more than other places but I ordered it in about 10 min, no reloading the page for 6 hours is worth it for me.


Just ordered two from B and N. One for me to tinker around with (just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a couple weeks ago, lol a guy from HP was there and was trying to convince me that the HP was the way to go...haha) and one for my mom. Didn't have any issues ordering them, hopefully it all worked right. Thanks for mentioning this!

thanks for the B&N link.... just picked one up for $101.... still have some available.... grab em while u can...

I've seen a lot of comments by people saying that those who bought the Touchpad during the fire sale have just purchased some paperweights since no one will be supporting this thing...well, I'll have you know that a team of highly talented Android developers are beginning work to port Android to this thing, so =P More on the whole fire sale and Android port on my blog: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-54

Ordered one from Barnes & Noble early this morning, got a confirmation email and everything. Just logged into my account and it says unable to process order.... :(

I just went and looked at my order too. The one I ordered for my mom still says not yet shipped and the one for me says unable to process. :(

You have to love the irony. The Touchpad is now the hottest retail success of the past three days. Taking down sites, causing chaos, a new movement even! Something they couldn't do in two months of trying. I have spent three days trying to get one - I finally did on BN and it has a ship date so that is more promising success than I have had thus far in my pursuit of the BEAST (My new catchphrase for the Touchpad - I hope it catches on)... Maybe they simply priced it wrong to start with. Not a bad tablet just a bad price. They should keep the factory workers employed and compete in the Android space with a $200 alternative. Wide open, no motoblur (UI) type stuff, no fancy crap just a simple Android tablet priced under $200. At this point with so much sunk cost they would have to make money on it.

Yea. The fact that they bought Palm for 1.2 billion really made me laugh. If the cost of making the TouchPad is $200, they can give out 6 million units for FREE.

I don't have a current number, but I think Apple so far had sold about 30 million iPads(1 & 2). If HP didn't buy Palm, assuming they would spend the same amount of money to develop the TouchPad into developing an Android Tablet, then gave out the Android "TouchPad" for free, they will immediately grab 1/5 of the tablet market!