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A new week, and a new year -- time to get things happening in 2012. For the most part of this week we're expecting to hear quite a bit about CES as things tend to leak out beforehand. Have any expectations for CES? If so, let us know in the Android Central forums.

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Prime reset options, hot device concerns [From the Forums]


As everyone knows by now.. This is my time.. Quad-Core Time.. I feel we are about to see a REVOLUTIONARY jump in phone Technology.. And with Intel's new 22nm processors coming in to TAKE OVER the Smartphone Landscape, This is a great time to have $800.00 on hand.. I LOVE my Droid Charge.. HDMI,DLNA,SuperAmoled+,overclocks to 1,300 mhz.. and it does EVERYTHING and then some that ANY current phone can do.. They really are great phones.. But what's coming in 90 days and previewing in 6 days will make all these current phones obsolete.. Including the Troubled Nexus.

Blazing on my Droid Charge.. Just a few more months now... Welcome to 2012....

UNIBROW... Your Name fits you.
You sound stupid.

The Nexus has my Droid Charge parts in it Dummy! Read the specs stupid.

The Nexus has a failed antena.. failing battery.. failing NFC.. No HDMI out.. No SD Card Slot!.. a 5MP Camera in this age of 8MP.. and a Wonderful Screen.. and Oh..ICS which Custom Launchers take away anyway..

Its a joke of a phone That has LESS "MAIN FEATURES" than my 2010 Droid Charge.. Period

Those are the facts.

Such the Idiot you are..

Blazing~! @ 1,300 mhz on my Droid Charge... Awaiting CES in 5 Days!

Now is what's important, be content with what you have now because there may not be a 90 days from now. Who cares about what's coming if your happy with what u own NOW. Sent from my mighty MoPho now which I love now.

Amen Brother.

I am happy.. My Phone has it all.. and I have it all with 4G in my area and a Unlimited Data Plan.. So I can Slingbox / Netflix to my hearts content.. I may stay put.. But I sure as hell would not trade my Droid Charge for a Nexus.. I have MORE standard features ( HDMI, HOT SWAPPABLE 32gig SD Card etc..) Than the $800.00 Nexus.. But let's see how powerful the A15 Exynos & Intel Quads are.. Not to Mention KAL-EL Quad-Cores with Nvidia's 10 core GPU's..

It's pretty funny how people throw out their thoughts and think it represents the masses well it doesn't. If your fortunate enough to own the Galaxy Nexus then your in the right camp it is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. Whatever the future holds rather that be 90 to 120 days from today sure has so much to prove TALK IS CHEAP. Heck as of this entry the GALAXY NEXUS is the only dualcore device running on ice cream sandwich where both cores actual are running on an optimized operating system. Whatever is out there today are dualcore gingerbread smartphones runing on one core only. Your only fooling yourself if you think anything out does the galaxy nexus these other devices today pale in comparison. The Galaxy Nexus will rule this space the next 8months that's forsure...

Do You Know how silly you sound?



Blazing~! @ 1,300 mhz ( Oh Those Custom Roms! ) on my Droid Charge.. Awaitng The New Era of Quad-Core Greatness..