Caching saves on data, new settings get you in and out quickly

One of our favorite RSS readers on Android, Press, has just made some significant improvements in its latest update in terms of interface and features. The biggest feature inclusion is likely offline image caching, which will download article images when syncing so that you're not pulling them down every time you open an article. It's great for low connectivity or low data cap situations when you still want to get your news. By default images aren't cached, but you can turn it on, restrict it to just Wifi and limit or clear the cache at any time.

Helping you manage these new cache options is an entirely redesigned settings menu, which breaks up settings into separate categories. Now you won't have to scroll through an annoying long list to get to that one setting you need to change.

There are also a new settings for changing the look and feel of the app, with the ability to show just titles in the articles list or on the widget, and a few new options for readability and accessibility. Press also says that there are performance, sync and bug fixes — although we were hard pressed to find any hiccups before.


Reader comments

Press adds offline image caching, settings redesign


First! ...and foremost, I hope more apps start doing this, since I have a relatively small cap and I would really enjoy this :). Secondly, you thought I was going to say "first", silly you...

And still no ability to discover new feeds directly fomr the app. Press is a great RSS Reader and it's my go to app, but really all it needs is a way to add a feed directly form the app and offline reader support that will make it killer. Please Dev of Press if your reading this add those two features.