If you are on T-Mobile and have been anxiously awaiting the day to arrive for you to be able to place your order for the Samsung Galaxy S II, you're in luck. The Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for your pre-ordering pleasure, and if you are on the fence be sure to check out this hands-on to help steer you in the right direction. For those with an upgrade, or signing a new two year deal the device will be $279 out the door and a $50 mail in rebate, or if you have to go the full retail route it will run you $529. 

Source: T-Mobile


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Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S II now being accepted by T-Mobile


I have the SGSII Epic 4G Touch on Sprint and I couldn't be happier with it. Samsung finally got it right this time around with impressive specs along with sleek and sexy style!

Did you entirety skip the fcc filing for the gsm version of the next nexus with tmobile bands?

Phone is definitely going to be available for tmobile

yes it will be available but not at first. thats what i meant, I might skip it all together and get the quadcores next year :D

i live in a tech defunct town so there will be plenty on hand at my tmobile store. id rather have a personal hands-on before i upgrade. plus i REALLY wanna find out the deal with the new nexus. not to mention the walmart/tmobile deal thing thats happening soon.

I have the Sprint version and want to switch to the T-Mobile version...anyone wanna buy my Epic 4g Touch?

Im a longgggg time user of the iPhone(since day one) I have recently switched to the gs2.... and..... I love it the more I use it! Anyone on T-Mobile get this phone!!!!!!!