Starting today, Best Buy Mobile will begin to take pre-orders for the Motorola DROID. The DROID is launching on November 6th for $199 and we expect it to be a huge success, so if you're thinking about going DROID, head to Best Buy as soon as you can! Buying your phone at Best Buy is a much easier process than going through Verizon stores because Best Buy offers instant rebates (instead of mail-in-rebates).

Who's going to get a DROID ?


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Pre-Order Motorola DROID at Best Buy Today


Yes I too have pre order the phone from best buy, but here the catch they dont know whether they will be able to fill the pre orders that they have, i am third on the list, and the woman told me if they only get 2 phones that i would have to wait, they pre order by selling you a gift card with your deposit and when i said well i want it refunded since i thought my chances will be better at my verizon store at 6 am they said they dont give refunds on gift cards, what a rip off. Best buy sucks, i will never do business with them again.

Beat buy is the best place to get a phone. I just wish they would have working models for
display insted of the dummies.

What's great is there is a corporate store right in front of the BestBuy right here locally. I can go play with the phones at VZW and then walk across the parking lot to Best Buy.

I'm assuming this is referring to actually going into the store? I can't find the phone anywhere on their website.

Can you buy the phone at Best Buy even if you already have service with Verizon or does it have to be a new account?

What is the advantages/disadvantages of ordering a phone like the Droid through Best Buy rather than a Verizon Store?

I just went down and pre-ordered my phone at Best Buy. I was number 19 on the list. They said they usually get around 30 units at a time. They make you buy a Best Buy gift card to hold your phone (which of course can be used toward the purchase of the phone) and they will call you when it is in stock. I can't wait!

To answer the questions above: Yes, you can buy the phone at Best Buy even if you already have service with Verizon Wireless. Are you eligible for an upgrade? If so, it will be a lot cheaper. If not, you still can purchase the device without a contract. Of course, pricing would be a lot more if you're under contract. The advantages of ordering a phone like the Droid through Best Buy are the following: Straight forward pricing (no mail-in-rebates) and someone who’s there for the life of the phone. They offer a FANTASTIC Black Tie Protection. It is $9.99/month and covers everything from drops, water spills, cracked screens, battery stops holding a charge, etc. They have a $0 deductible. Since it is a $0 deductible they only thing BBY does not cover is lost/stolen. They can provide loaner phones. If you don't use the protection plan in two years, you get the money you paid back in reward zone certificates. I can't think of any real disadvantages of going to BBY. You can pre-order it there for $50. Corporates stores can be frustrating. Especially waiting around to be called on. BBY can do everything a corporate store can, except for any billing related issues or adding any discounts to your bill. I hope this helps out. Have a great day.

I think they are also offering to setup the phone for you if you pre-order (ie. mail accounts, etc. for the smartphone challenged).

omg... you work now or used to work for bestbuy mobile... Ill agree that I did too and I will be buying this phone and getting the 9.99 plan but wow could you sound more like a salesman right now?

BTW water spills are covered BUT NOT dropping it in the toilet/body of water.

i preordered through best buy also and they told me that they would get it in on Nov. 5th and I like not having to deal witht he mail in rebate.

Preordered it yesterday. Quite looking forward to it. Can't wait to 1) get on a service provider that I may just get a signal at my place with and 2) figure out how best to put it through its paces. gods, i love getting a new tech gadget!

Just preordered it at Bestbuy. I was lucky enough to play with a dummy unit that they had sitting at the mobile checkout stand. The phone is solid and the slider is very satisfying. CAN'T WAIT!