Charge All The Things — all at once — with the Wagan Power Hub

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Quite a few of us have more than one device or accessory that needs charged. Maybe you have a phone and a tablet, or a Bluetooth headset, or just a spare battery in its own cradle. The new digital age means more devices are going to need plugged in.

John P. and Rene spent a few minutes with Ales Hsu from Wagan, and we get a really good look at one beastly charger. The Wagan Power Hub will plug into the cigarette lighter in your car or use a DC adapter, and it has enough oompf to charge four tablets at the same time. Available for just $30 on Amazon, this is one gadget I saw at CES that I already ordered — I can always use more powered USB ports in my truck.


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Power to go with Wagan #CESlive


I already have a power inverter, and dual USB Belkin Cigarette Lighter plugs, and a Mophie Juice Pack/Brick.

My SUV (wife's) has enough plugs that 6 devices can be plugged in and charged various ways.

Yes a hub makes it "neater", but I can plug stuff into my armrest console, lock it and the device is secured away neatly.

Wow. Glad you don't need it. Luckily people are inventing things for the rest of us that may need something like this.

Looks nice especially since it looks like I can attach it under my dash.

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