HTC Desire HD

New details of the TELUS version of the HTC Desire HD have emerged on Canadian site MobileSyrup, including pricing information and a possible release date. A leaked inventory screenshot shows the phone priced at C$499.99 without a contract, and due for release on Feb. 10.

The Desire HD runs the new version of HTC Sense on top of Android 2.2 Froyo, and is currently HTC's flagship phone in Europe and Asia. It's essentially a GSM 3G version of Sprint's EVO 4G, only with slightly more RAM. Find out more about the Desire HD on our device page. [MobileSyrup]

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hmmm says:

AMOLED on an Evo...

onixblack says:

Yeah I thinking the same thing you are

rlbrooks says:

I wish my EVO had an AMOLED....well...unless I'm outside in the sun. edit - oh, they removed that part. My rss feed didn't show that.

Loiselle says:

Now we need this kind of info on the Inspire 4G...

dheld says:

So basically that's when the thunderbolt gets released. Since in essence...a thunderbolt is a desire HD!

peterfares says:

Except for some reason HTC decided not to put a front camera in the Desire HD and Desire Z. says:

About time they release something in Canada.. too bad its a little late

Would be nice if HTC would make & release a Desire HD (4G) for T-Mobile.

While I like my myTouch 4G, to an extent, I would much rather have a 4.3 inch screen, touch capacitive buttons, and pure HTC Sense rather than mySense, all while keeping the same features.

But, since it is Telus, whats to stop people from trying this on AT&T using their $10. unlimited plan (since they can't really detect most foreign devices very well, like I had done with my Moto Milestone) with a minute plan.

peterfares says:

They can detect foreign models that they sell, sometimes under a different name. For instance, people's Xperia X10 phones started being detected about a month before AT&T released their own. This will probably be detected as an Inspire 4G.

jalik#AC says:

doesn't it also come with a newer cpu generation then the evo? also the rear is made of metal what actally feels pretty sexy! :)

BobbyPhoenix says:

Yes you are correct. I wish people would actually research complete specs before calling something just another version of a current phone somewhere else. It's inside is nothing like the EVO. It's much better. The only thing similar is the screen size. Geez! I mean come on! tee hee