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Motorola 'XT1056' said to be in testing on Sprint, appears to be running vanilla Android

While Motorola has officially acknowledged that the "Moto X" will be its next flagship device, we've yet to hear much in the way of official details from the manufacturer — and in the absence of any hard information, the rumors and leaks continue to flow. Today brings a fresh image of what might well be the front face of the device, sent to PhoneArena by an anonymous source. The phone appears to match the device sighted in Vietnam a few months back, and more recently in an AT&T-centric leak, hiding behind a dummy case.

The device, the site's source claims, is the Motorola XT1056, a device headed to Sprint's LTE network later this year. A device with a matching model number and all the requisite radio frequencies recently passed through the FCC, though there's no Sprint branding to be seen on the device itself. In fact, the phone appears to be running vanilla Android — or near-vanilla Android, as Moto's UI doesn't stray far from the base OS these days.

Purported spec leaks for the device have pointed to a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 4.6-inch, 720p display — tying in nicely with Moto's goal of producing a high-quality yet competitively-priced mid-range device. Of course, in the absence of official confirmation, we'll have to take these Moto X leaks with a pinch of salt. We'll be watching closely as the Moto X launch approaches this fall.

Source: PhoneArena

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BoB16731 says:

Not impressed not impressed at all

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Jonneh says:

It's a mid-range device.

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Trekest says:

That's not the Moto X, that's the XFON.
This is it:
Just for Sprint instead.

Matt120- says:

How the fuck is that mid-range? The only thing lacking is a 1080p display. Everything else is very on par with the top dogs at the moment. Definitely a high end phone. Mid range would be considered the HTC First.

rbess1965 says:

We were just having this discussion here at work. How would a high-end device be defined? How about, DISPLAY:4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI, QUAD Core 1.7ghz processor with 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 32GB/64GB available storage, NFC, DLNA and a 4.0 Bluetooth. Any guesses on which device I'm pulling all this from? This is the high end and if Google wants to make a statement it has to step up and offer one of these. The device described here in the article as the next X phone with these specs would merely be a mid-level developer type disappointment like the Galaxy Nexus and all the other mid range developer Nexus options that have come since.


Yeah, when the Galaxy Nexus launched, it was a high-end device. I'm still sporting mine, and it is far from the "mid-level developer type disappointment" that you make it out to be.

Somebody needs their eyes checked lol XD

Robbzilla says:

If it comes out at $350 or below sans-contract, I'll be impressed.

snookasnoo says:

The only way that will happen is if Motorola decides to not make a profit on it. Which means it will be a Nexus device most likely since no profit is made on those.

I will say this again. The Moto X was said at the press conference to be a mid range device. I don't know where people got this high end idea from. If you read they said the X was not the high end device but it would be out later this year.

Beware the power of the scout's code.

No one said ANYTHING about being a midrange device at the interview. He said the MOTO X will compete with the Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE directly.

Uhhh, re read the article

Beware the power of the scout's code.

nedywest71 says:

I confirm that too :)
Wonder how it will compete :)
More likely it will compete with S3 and HTC+ :)))))))))

You and this article are incorrect - according to Motorola's press release the X will be their high end flagship phone. Go reread the press release linked to this article.

How many mid range devices are they gonna come out with?

hmmm says:

I'm going to assume the "power" users of smart phones are a minority and that a majority of the public only needs a mid range phone. I would imagine there will be many more mid range phones than high end phones.

eahinrichsen says:

I agree that power users are the minority, but the high-end flagship phones are invariably the best sellers. Samsung's flagship Galaxy S series far outsells any of their other models every year, the One is HTC's biggest seller in ages, the RAZR MAXX was Moto's biggest seller in ages, etc. The flagship phones have the biggest per-sale profit margin, so they get the big advertising campaigns and the biggest in-store sales pushes. An S4 or a One is probably a lot more phone than the average "non-power" user needs, but they're always the most popular.

Dark_Blu says:

Sounds good. May have to keep an eye on this one.

droidhead_1 says:

I think it going to be nice but super affordable.. Competing more directly with the nexus 5

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My issues with the phone's looks:

- The Motorola logo looks ugly. The design itself is bad, the location is awkward and it's white is too contrast with the black of the phone. Too distracting.

- It kind of looks like the notification light is at the bottom just above the word "Motorola". If it is, I certainly hope not. Not centered, and just looks like an awkward position

- The phone simply lacks 'flair'. It looks plain, basic and kinda ugly. Nothing screams quality about it. But I suppose if it is their mid-range device, then that's ok.

Hopefully this is the mid-range phone. Evleaks leaked the Moto X specs (the Moto X being their 'high end' phone) and it had pretty mediocre specs. Wouldn't be surprised if this really was their Galaxy/iPhone competitor.

jean15paul says:

I doubt that moto logo in the top left will end up on the production version. If you look at the 3 AC articles about this phone there are 5 different versions of the logo. Look at the circle surrounding the logo. The dots and broken lines are different in every picture.

This article and ...

If I had to guess, I bet that logo is some kind of internal method to track their prototypes and know who is leaking pics.

turdbogls says:

microsoft did the same thing with their Zune HD's. I even asked the head of the zune project and that is exactly what he said....its just to track the "leaks" if they do happen.

rbess1965 says:

The broken lines of the circle represent areas for the new color scheme on the circle around the logo. They came out with the new logo today. I have to agree that the looks of this phone are lack luster at best. I still think my MaxxHD kicks butt for a mid level phone but my unlimited data is it's best feature and the phone being presented here is not going to close to pulling me to the dark side:)

wxrusss8 says:

I highly doubt that's the final design. And I think the M logo at the top is to differentiate the various test devices, so I've heard.

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Had high hopes for this phone. Oh well, another run of the mill device. Looks like the Galaxy Note 3 will have to be the savior phone for us all.

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brendilon says:

The X may not be a great device, but you couldn't pay me to take anything running Touchwiz.

Well, okay, you could, then I'd turn around, sell it and pocket all the cash.

rap1 says:

A mid range sold like a Nexus with little to no profit margin would be really interesting. Something more affordable for those who want to buy their phone outright. Many midranges cost more than a nexus.

Ratnok says:

Nexus is high end. Both in specs and in build quality. This is not.

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turdbogls says:

this is not a nexus.
this is a motorola phone that runs near vanilla android.
this is also the xphone i think...not the Moto X....which is said to be a higher end phone

Ry says:

No LTE makes it hard to completely consider a phone like the Nexus 4 high-end.

N3tT3chMan says:

hahaha funniest thing i ever seen... We all know Sprint don't have 4G... Clearly that phone is connected via 4G LOL

Do you think its possible that they could be testing it somewhere where there is LTE??

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zhecht says:

My EVO 4G LTE posting this message from Sprint's 4G would beg to differ. Not to mention that Sprint actually had the first 4G network in the US:

John-Smith says:

Did you say first? Or worst?

NoNexus says:

both (unless you count T-mo) right now, but it will not be long before the Sprint haters are talking a different story.

Unlimited data and decent prices combined with a great LTE network will change things.

ConTejas says:

When is this going to happen again? Sprint is generally terrible in the boonies and its plans generally pale in comparison to Tmobile's. Besides the magenta, there quite a few reasons to go Tmoblie in most coverage areas. If you're thinking Softbank is going to change that, I hope you're right, but it won't be even remotely in the near future.

rbess1965 says:

There's a guy here at work that has had a GSIII on the Sprint network for about 6 months now and he's ready to throw it in the garbage. Looses signal here at work, at his home and just isn't reliable for him. Totally not happy. I hear that same thing from a lot of Sprint customer I have. We also supply our employees with the ATT version of that phone with way few signal complaints. Just couldn't pay me enough to switch to Sprint.

Robbzilla says:

You must live somewhere crappy. I get pretty damn good 4G on Sprint.

Johnny Z says:

Wimax is fake 4G, also dubbed 3.5G.

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Welp, being that my HTC one gets an avg of 15-23 mbps, I would say sprints 4G network is just fine.

Johnny Z says:

Are you sure you're not on LTE? Spring does have LTE towers now

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Read a book Johnny, Wimax is 4g. HSPA+ is technically 3.5g.

eahinrichsen says:

Correct, but the HTC One doesn't have WiMax; you're apparently fortunate enough to live in one of Sprint's LTE markets.

ConTejas says:

LOL that'd be LTE. BTW I get those data speeds on Tmobile's HSPA+ on my N4. You probably get better upload speeds, though (for whomever that applies). Have had well over 30 down and 25up on Tmobile's LTE when I've been in the Wash D.C. area. Just waiting for them to flip the switch in Philly/NYC.

eahinrichsen says:

Did T-Mo's LTE work on your N4 with the stock ROM, or did you have to flash a different ROM to enable it?

I live in Philly and T-Mo's service is fine in my area, but inside my house is a complete dead spot. Hopefully that changes when they flip the LTE switch, because AT&T is not my favorite company right now.

Robbzilla says:

So's LTE. Neither conform to 4G standards.

rbess1965 says:

Johnny is correct. Sprint was branding their Wimax as 4G but it was not true LTE. (Long Term Evolution). ATT or Tmobile, can't remember which, did it as well. They called the HSPA+ 4G before they actually started installing LTE equipment at their sites. Verizon is the only one that jumped all the way in from the beginning and right now their coverage in the US is the best. May not always be that way, but right now it is.

John-Smith says:

With those specs I expect this phone to be sub-$400.

eahinrichsen says:

Probably. The specs are pretty comparable to the N4, and this phone is going to be more about getting the Motorola name back out there than anything else. I would think that they should probably offer this phone at the barest minimum price, since they have Google's cash reserves to back them up.

Johnny Z says:

I would expect it to be $250 if it takes till October to come out.

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Hreidmardmar says:

Don't we already know how Motorola X will look like ?

tech_head says:

Woodside also specified that the Moto X would be addressing the “low-cost, high quality market”, pitching the device between “feature phones [that] sell for $30” and “high-end smartphones [that] cost $650.”

That sounds midrange to me....
HTC One here I come.

indianajonze says:

no idea why google INSISTS on pushing this damn 16GB on us. i absolutely refuse to buy a phone that has <32GB these days, especially if there is no removable storage option

january34 says:

I'll tell you why. They've taken away our unlimited data plans. With this they're trying to push us to cloud based streaming apps... ie Google Play Music. If we don't have enough storage on board we have to stream. If we have to stream we have to buy a larger data package to cover the streaming data usage.

ultravisitor says:

Google isn't forcing people to buy larger data packages. Google doesn't sell the service. That's the carriers.

Ry says:

If you're not satisfied with the storage options available for a certain phone, then don't buy that phone. Simple.

rbess1965 says:

My MaxxHD has 32 on board plus a 32 card. Would probably accept a 64 if I tried. 16 is not enough for everything I do with it.

BB10fanatic says:

Let me tell you what this thing had better have. A good battery, NFC, Stock Android, waterproof, shockproof.

Those are the simple requirements I have for my next android phone.

Magnolia Man says:

not just a good battery, it needs to have a MAXX battery.
if not, then there's no reason to wait another 3 months for this phone. may as well get the S4-Active.
unless of course your gonna wait anyways to see what the new Nexus has to offer

benurd says:

Still disappointed about the dual core, but if they price this phone right, it'll be the first moto device I'll get. I'll let it play second to my nexii

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Jonneh says:

Lol it's crazy how entitled the commenters of AC are compared to the other sites of Mobile Nations.

lockwyn says:

My google galaxy nexus is still doing its job, what a great work horse and reliable companion this phone has been. But he camera and video recorder need a polish and upgrade. Looking forward to a new strong Google phone. Made in the States and by Motorola! Hope for another durable quality product! Would be a big pluss if it comes with micro sd 32 or 64 GB possibility!

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Please, PLEASE have a physical keyboard.