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Thats right folks, our old friend Mr Blurrycam is back in town and this week brings pictures of a Motorola Android tablet that could well be a 7-incher. 

Thisismynext obtained the image that shows a much slimmer and sleeker design than the Xoom, and very barely shows the tablet running the Honeycomb camera app. The Motorola logo in the top left corner seems to point towards a possible portrait orientation, similar to that of the Acer Iconia A100

No official details, or specs were leaked with the image, so we'll just have to wait and see on this one. 

Source:  Thisismynext


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Possible 7-inch Motorola tablet shows up on blurrycam


Looks nice from which we can see, the only question besides specs is if this tablet will be at a fair price or just fail like the others..

It might be a phone not a tablet that's running ice cream sandwich, the size doesn't always mean its a tablet or phone it just means if phone then the worse selling phone ever.