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So the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Verizon. Not like we didn't know that. And it might only be on Verizon in the U.S. for a little while. Not like we never said that wasn't a possibility. So the big question is this: Will a Verizon exclusive sway you to switch?


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Poll: How's a Verizon-exclusive Galaxy Nexus going to affect you?


Not only us this going to be my first vanilla android phone but also my first non HTC and first that um will to buy at full retail price. Feeling good to be on VZW right now. :)

Same here. I will be moving from a Droid Incredible to the Galaxy Nexus. I'm grandfathered in an unlimited data plan for $29 a month that I want to keep.

The reason I will be paying full retail price is I don't know if I have to change plans to get the 2-year contract price.

I'm hoping the the 32g version is no more than $650.

Ice Cream Sandwich coming to all Nexus S's (including the 4G). Only really want a Nexus because of Google Wallet. I'll settle for the second Nexus with a ICS update.
Still totally in love with my rooted Evo 3D.

No, you do not have to change plans. As long as you already jave unlimited data, you can get the subsidized price and keep your grandfathered data plan.

Since they are releasing a GSM version also, I'll be right there with you. Buy it unlocked at full price. They are making it with both T-Mobile and AT&T bands in the same phone, so I will be covered in case the merger goes through, and I stay with AT&T afterwards. I'm now on T-Mo, and I hope they stay T-Mo.

oh HELL yes. i have a TB on a 1 year contract. Like you, this could be my first vanilla and non-HTC phone. ive used a Nexus S 4G extensively and it's a NICE phone. with updated hardware and larger screen this could be an AWESOME phone, even without ICS.

I am weary about not having an SD slot, tho. i havent used a phone with exclusive integrated storage in probably 8 years. seriously? and on top of that, there isnt a 64GB version available? bleh

really curious how the battery life will be compared to the TB considered LTE is a drain and it has an even bigger screen than the enormous 4.3 i currently enjoy. i already have the worst phone for battery life in history: i dont want to own back-to-back champs =/

There should be another answer: "Like an idiot i just bought a bionic and am stuck for 19 more months." I fall in that category.

I bought a bionic as well. I am still getting the galaxy nexus though. I will pay for it full retail...I'm selling my bionic and all of its accessories the day I get this phone!

I would not have bought a Bionic knowing so many new phones will be released before year end. However, unless you are completely needing the latest and greatest, that phone will be fine for the contract period. I could live with my Thunderbolt another year or so if I had to, it does all i need it to, I will just choose not to.

Actually it was Announced then, it atill has yet to be released. And since it has a non-removable battery, it is of no consequence to me as I would not consider it for that reason alone.

So these pgones will be 2 months after the Bionic's release. So what? Guess what... CES will be 2 months after this batch of phones comes out... Making these phones just as "obsolete " as the Bionic will be in November.

The Bionic was (and until November IS) the best 4g LTE device on the market. I want a great Android phone and i got one. Buyers remorse over specs is for hipsters and status seekers.

No. Something must be done because that's a travesty. I vote that this guy is the first to win a contest for the GN. Sorry Bionic owners, but 19 months with that phone.... :/

for readers who follow any major android blog/column, why on earth would you even consider signing 20+ months away on the bionic when both the RAZR and gnex were outed weeks if not months before the release of that phone?

i just dont get how anyone is interested in spending money on the bionic knowing it was one) announced in January (iirc), two) released 9 months after that announcement and three) released a month before two major announcements with newsworthy leaks coming quite a bit of time before that...

i understand that phones break and the majority of us are infinitely intertwined to our phone. but, lets remind ourselves of one thing here: THIS IS ANDROID! us android users are smart and strategic!

i just dont get how anyone saw anything worthwhile in the bionic at all at release, given the amount of leaked info on two+ exceedingly awesome handsets (RAZR and gnex). it boggles my mind :(

I have never seen a cheap, plastic Samsung device that I would ever want to own (and after the GPS... Still unresolved, on the original Galaxy line, i don't know why anyone else would either).

As for the Razr, the minor spec bump does not offset (for me), it having a non-removable battery. I make fun of my iPhone toring friends for it, i am not about to then go buy one.

Remember, Android is about choice, and believe it or not, people can have a different set of requirements rhan you and still be satisfied with their choice.

I also find it interesting that you didn't include the Vigor/Rezound... Has that phone just fallen out of grace completely?

My boss just told me he would pay for my new phone when I was telling him about the facial recognition unlock. This is going to be LEGENDARY.

Sell the Bionic for $300 to $400 on ebay and you'll be paying about the same out of pocket for the nexus as you would if it were an upgrade price.

I doubt that the bionic would be worth over 300 after the release of the GN on top of the Razr, why would anyone waste their money on an outdated phone when they know that there is a better phone....oh wait that is what happened with all the current Bionic owners...never mind.

I'm using a Thunderbolt, rooted with CyanogenMod on it. I couldn't be happier with it. I also have a contract with T-Mobile, Sensation, rooted and yes I am running CyanogenMod on that also. I her so many people not happy with the Thunderbolt because it is laggy, take all that Verizon crap off it and it will run like a race car. Saying all that I am a real phone geek and have both of the Nexus phones and still use them. Knowing myself I will have to have one or maybe that new Motorola Razr. Hell I might just get both of them, I am real sick and I need some serious help. I get these phones, have them rooted in about 30 minutes and then the fun begins.

PS My Thunderbolt has a faster OS then my dual core Sensation. They are both rooted and running the same Rom. Figure that one out for dual core. I love that Thunderbolt.

i LOVE my TB as well, even tho it's not rooted. in hindsight i would have rooted in the spring, but i kept getting pulled along by HTC's promises of updates and GB always "coming soon". i wanted to wait for stock GB to see how i liked the phone. 7 months later i finally have GB and the phone has never been better. GB inself wasnt a huge difference, but combined with the radio upgrades and updated Sense that came with the OTA made this phone better than ever. i've never been more happy with any phone, and ive had a cell phone for 10 years.

with that said, i want this GN badly. good thing i got i signed a 1 year contract while they were still available... early upgrade should be available next month or in december so i shouldnt be paying much at all for this after selling the TB.

i love sense, so i'd actually miss it on the GN =(

I agree with you! The SGSIISE4GT is a jewel of a phone. I've had mine since launch day and couldn't be happier.

I would like to get an upgrade to ICS at some point, but it's not that important since many of the features of ICS appear to be part of Touchwiz 4.0

I wouldn't mind having this phone if it came to Sprint, but with the price of data packages on Verizon there is no way I would switch.

I've been looking for a good enough excuse to switch to Verizon. Them having a Nexus device is about as good as it's going to get; that and my city getting LTE in November.

"you damn yanks"???? We waited half a year to finally get the Galaxy S2!!! Thank goodness we got it, it will hold us over until we (AT&T users) get a shot at the Galaxy Nexus, seems we're always left waiting???

I'm a dev...time to have a dev phone lol. I'm pretty much sold on this as my next phone though I'll give the Rezound a look. Moto just screws up too much stuff for me though I think the Razr is really slick. Aside from that the rest of Verizons offerings have been lackluster this year IMO. Plus the GN seems to be leading in the camera and video departments which is becoming very important to me now. I'm just so glad now I didn't jump on the Thunderbolt.

I'm on VZW already, but not eligible for an upgrade until I'll wait to see what's available then (but I so want one now).

well i would be crushed lol..ever since i saw that announcement from yesterday i been wanting this. Im with the devil AT&T and in a big family plan which would run me well over 1200 to break the contract. It does have it advantages though since me and my brother are the only ones that upgrade. So its our doing but whatever. I love my atrix and although hacking is really exciting and fun. I dont see the need to do anything to the galaxy nexus (not a huge fan of the name). So yeah i really want this phone i cant wait for them to announce who its going to. i really want that phone.

My contract with T-mobile ends in November. I was expecting to hear about the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, but nothing came out about that, so i'm thinking about either staying with T-mobile til they get their version, or switching to Verizon. Considering the Nexus S came out quite a few months for other carriers after it's initial release, im kind of hesitant on waiting, but Verizon's prices aren't that great either. Maybe i'll stick it out through November with T-mobile to see if they announce anything for later. I do have a grandfathered data plan for T-mobile so maybe I shouldn't leave that so quickly.

after all the talk about choose your carrier first and talk about if u want a stock phone buy a nexus... doesn't that contradict eachother

I'd be extremely tempted to switch to Verizon. I can't say I'm all that thrilled about being stuck with AT&T, though I also can't say I'd be thrilled about paying an ETF and giving up my grandfathered unlimited plan. It would be a tough call and would ultimately depend on how long the exclusivity lasted.

I will never leave sprint nor my beloved htc evo 3d that will never happen we created this 4g madness but I will add this great device to my stable and even with the fact I hate verizon I will put that to the side for this pure google experience which is my first google device. Imagine a 2011 that includes the industry leading Evo 3d and the Galaxy Nexus I call that the best year ever .. And I am still waiting on my quadcore 2012 Evo.

Verizon's prices are ridiculous. I really really want this phone, but it's not worth an extra $60/month for me to have it over my 3VO on Sprint. I can't believe Verizon has such a large user base. Their prices are ridiculous.

yup, especially if their network isnt that much better than Sprints where you live. I live in North Atlanta and my 3g is better the majority of the time on sprint vs my Galaxy Tab. 4g i rarely use but when i do i have very few issues.

agreed. if you want Unlimited voice, data, and texts - nobody can touch the value Sprint offers. i'd rather send the savings to my mutual fund every month - not Verizon.

Interesting phone, especially the screen resolution. I want to see if Ice Cream comes to the Galaxy S2 (European version).

It really isn't that great looking of a phone. The screen is too large and it doesn't have an SD slot. I also don't care for curved glass or the chin on the back. I'll wait until another manufacturer gets the Nexus back before buying one. I don't think I could ever give up Cyanogenmod though, even if I get a Nexus phone. The options are just endless and it can look as stock as you want it.

My dream Nexus would be a reboot of the Nexus One with top of the line specs in a 4" screen with a dpi greater than 300.

If they don't SIM lock the international version, that'll be the way for AT&T and T-Mobile users to go... at full price of course.

Verizon getting this first is no surprise. We all knew it was going to happen. Google should have dropped this on all carriers but whatever. To answer your question Phil, this doesn't affect be one bit. My upgrade is not till next spring anyway. So I'm still holding on to my EVO. By then there will be more superior phones.

I'm very pissed this is going to be a VZW exclusive. Might actually make me re-think this phone because it pisses me off so much

I'm sticking with Sprint since it's so much cheaper than Verizon for me. I'd upgrade my phone if I could figure out how the heck to fit the Epic 4G Touch in my pocket!

Unless you have really small pockets the Epic 4g Touch fits nicely in the pocket of dress slacks or casual jeans.

I got mine on launch day and the thin form factor, along with the light weight, has made it very easy to transport. Don't let the 4.52 inch screen scare you. Borry one from a friend for a little while (because you usually can get a good sense of how it'll fit in your pocket while in the store since they usually have it tethered). I think you'd be surprised.

This is Verizon customers' time to shine. We been holding off for an LTE super phone for a long time. We could've got the GS2 but somebody decided not to bring it!

I'm a VZ customer now with an expired contract. If VZ doesn't Bing and bloat the Nexus I'll get it at launch. If they do muck it all up with their typical crap I'll wait for it to hit Tmobile and switch.

VZ can't load Bing and blat the phone. It's a Nexus phone. All Nexus phones are plan Android phones and the updates are handled by Google - will not be delayed by VZ.

Also, there is an option in Android 4.0 that will allow you do disable and hidden any apps loaded - they will not take any resources.

Sitting on an upgrade with Sprint. My hero is about to die. Do not want to pay for outrageous verizon prices but want a nexus phone. May have to buy a nexus S 4g off ebay for $200 and save my upgrade for when the galaxy nexus drops on Sprint.

I won't switch, ill just tinker with my boss's nexus when he gets it. Big v lost my vote when they got rid of unlimited data. Sprint hopefully keeps their unlimited data going and I somehow get to squeeze one more uearly update out of them next year. I got the epic touch on release day and I guess since I got it the day the program stuff changed I guess I lucked out. Heres to hoping sprint gets the galaxy nexus and their LTE is better than their wimax.
Long story short the Nexus going to Big V doesn't effect me.

1. AT&T (groan all you want, you should ALWAYS pick your provider first) works well for me at home, on the road, at work, at primary family sites.
2. I simply prefer GSM technology, especially when I travel overseas.
3. I have a family plan with 4 numbers, and a corp discount, moving to Verizon would be significantly more expensive for almost no extra value - in my case.

I think Verizon is probably the fastest, most available network in the US, but in my case, the advantages they have don't justify moving to them.

go back to the facebook page and read it. The person who said it would be verizon exclusive has already retracted statement

Maybe I am reaching, but this might be a blessing in disguise for other carriers. If it takes long enough there's a chance, however slim it might be, they could swap out the CPU/GPU of this phone as a lot of people are disappointed by the fact that they decided to use a little dated GPU. They did that for T-mobile GS 2 although it was for HSPA + 42. Who knows? Would you wait for an extra month for upgraded GPU?

Same boat as "ADS", five line family plan, corporate discount and the ability to upgrade every 6 months keep me a AT&T customer.
This "exclusivity" won't last but a couple months at best, that means I can go ahead with the SGSII and maybe even another phone before this drops on my carrier.
Works for me, I love toys!

The real question is why anyone would buy a non-ICS phone now that ICS is imminent?

Google just shot the other carriers in the foot right before Christmas.

If I were T-Mobile, I'd be pretty pissed at Google's timing, unless there are more ICS handsets waiting in the wings for a holiday launch.

My Verizon plan has unlimited data and my upgrade is Nov 10th, so goodbye to my Fascinate and hello to something a helluva lot better.

i really don't want ICS on a phone that already has hard capactive buttons - i don't want double redundant buttons taking up valuable space. hence - i want a phone with hardware that was meant for ICS. i won't be happy with an ICS OS update on an old phone. ICS is a new GUI and a new paradigm that needs new hardware.

Google really needs to get this phone out to all carriers.

I would assume that ICS on phones that already have physical or capacative buttons will have the on screen buttons disabled.

I may be wrong though.

...if it comes to SPRINT,which i doubt,i will be tempted but i think i will hold on to my EPIC TOUCH till the GALAXY S3 comes out.

I'm bought a Bionic also (My first Android phone ever) I attempted to sell my VZW iPhone 4 on craiglist and ebay but there were so many doing the same so I sold it via trade-in back to Verizon for $250.00 then used it toward the purchase of the Bionic at full retail price. Now I will be dude for my last New-Every-Two as of Oct. 24th, and am stoked that I can then sell the Bionic and put it toward the Galaxy Nexus.

I've got a new GS2, and no Verizon where I am anyway. The hardware on the Nexus looks comparable to what I have in my hand, so I'll be sticking with this and installing ICS CM when it becomes available.

The nexus is coming to all major networks & them some, also I like the motorola razor it's 7.1 mm's thin while the nexus prime is 8.3 mm's thin, the moto also had that nano coating that's coating the circuits, exteriors & even speakers giving it a longer lasting advantage, it's also steel or aluminum & isn't all plastic! along with bluetooth 4.0. The only advantage I see the nexus having over the moto razor is the super amoled 1280x720 screen vs moto razor's super amoled qHD screen, which I think the 1280x720 would be overkill, but then again & hopefully for me a qhd super amoled screen would be enough to be unable to see any pixelation. 1280x720 would most likely have a performance hit especially with only a dual core setup. Now will the razor be released for sprint? I believe so *since the partnership they recently made would have perks involved, kind of the same situation as the photon & the bionic. And the advantages if google owning motorola is already showing with super amoled screens & super thin phones! Good times I don't even notice apple anymore :-)

Got Unlimited 4G ( Grandfathered Forever..) on Verizon and blessed to have a Rooted & Rom'ed Droid Charge Blazing at 1,300 mhz.. I'm Blessed.