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The new HTC Desire HD is fast. So darn fast, it boots up in 10 seconds. Really, it does. (Check out Engadget's video showing it. Don't blink.) But that begs the question: How often do you reboot your phone? Chances are with the Desire HD, you won't mind doing it more often. (It also stands to reason you won't have to reboot as often, but that's another matter.)


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Poll: How often do you reboot?


I think I hadn't rebooted for about a month on my Nexus One. It just recently started getting weirdly slow. Reboot seemed to fix it right up after the initial reboot sluggishness

For everyone it should be the fourth or fifth choice, any others is just absurd, unless you think that you Blackberry is a Motorola Charm lol

I agree.

This is Linux. Don't bring your windows habits with you.

I might boot once a month at most, but its usually because I couldn't get to a charger in time.

Yay for obsolete stereotypes! :-/

The only time I ever reboot (Win7 Home Prem 64bit) is after a system update, driver update or if something goofy is happening (which is *very* rare.)

Clearly you don't have an HTC Incredible. I reboot daily as part of my re-charge routine (charge overnight with the phone on, turn it off and charge for another 30 minutes). I just "topped it off" with the phone on under 2.1, but it seems to make a difference in 2.2...

I have an Incredible and reboot once or twice a month or so. I often wonder what people do with their phones that cause so many problems. I've never had any serious issues with any cellphone I own, even the Storm.

The poll really needs a "Once a month" option.

Same boat. Power off when the alarm goes off in the morning, plug it back in for a "bump charge". I really wish this wasn't necessary to get the most out of my battery. If it weren't for this, I'd hardly ever reboot.

My Storm needed fairly regular battery pulls, but that was for memory leaks and it took FOREVER to reboot. My DInc boots up in a fraction of the time.

You know you can do that just once, after you've done the procedure just go into recovery and wipe battery stats.

Tap Or Rest the EVO down too hard and Boom! its off. More like FORCED to restart... Went to SPrint gave me a different battery and seems to be fine now. Maybe an issue where the battery was getting lose very easy

i hardly ever reboot my vibrant and it seems to work well. haven't done so in weeks, so i guess i fall under "pulling battery where necessary" category. my wife never reboots are mytouch slide and she's yet to report sluggishness after having the phone for almost 4 months.

I like my Nexus One, but one thing I miss from my Pre is how rare I was forced to reboot it. I've had my N1 for about 3 months and I've already had to reboot more than the Pre that I had for 11 months.

I've been rebooting or pulling the battery once a day now for a couple of weeks on my n1. Not sure what is crashing it. I want to say Angry Birds but not sure. I uninstalled apps I don't use or recently installed. What happens is the screen freezes and I can't unlock the phone. The display will turn on and off when I press the power button. Not sure what's going on now, this phone was awesome until Froyo arrived but now it seems to be getting worse and daily occurrence.

Look at your battery and CPU stats and see where all the processing power is going.

This is far from normal.

I agree. I had an issue with N1 when it kept rebooting when I used Google Maps. I got it replaced and haven't rebooted the phone since I replaced it (1015 hours/42 days)

Where's the option for "Only when something cataclysmic happens"? I reboot my OG Droid when I change Roms or if I inadvertently let the battery die.

Maybe once every couple weeks on my Evo. Have had a good experience with this phone coming from a pre that needed rebooting multiple times a day.

Maybe once every couple weeks on my Evo. Have had a good experience with this phone coming from a pre that needed rebooting multiple times a day.

Can you have this option on the X? I would like to not have to turn it off and turn it back on for a "reboot". This would be so much easier.

i use my evo as an alarm clock. after i'm up i power off and plug in. just before i leave home for work i power up. so my evo is rebooted at least 5 times each week.

That is ridiculous.

Your phone won't charge when its off. So turning it all the way off to charge just forces it to turn itself on automatically and charge.

You waste more power rebooting.

Just plug it in and let it charge. It was designed to work that way. It was never designed to be turned off to charge.

Please tell me you were confusing Sleep for Off when you said you turned it off every day!!!

Not it isn't. Don't know about the EVO but my G1 charges when its off, ditto with my Touch Pro. It actually charges faster since its not providing power to the screen or most of the internal components.

Wrong, I reboot everyday due to the charging issue with the Incredible. My phone does charge when off! It will only charge to about 90 percent at best (although reads 100 Full light even shows green) Then if I power it off and plug it in the light will be amber for another 40-60 minutes until the light will go green.

I put about once a week, only because that's about how often I update Cyanogen on my Hero! - Rock stable, possibly more so than my Storm was. (The Storm really didn't need battery pulls very often, but my Curve needed one every few days to keep running well).

I reboot often only because I swap a spare battery in during the days I don't get a chance to charge.

With my POS G1? Several times a day. When I Switch to Sprint I can't decide if I'm keeping it as my first smartphone or chucking it so hard against a wall that it smashes into 1000 pieces.

Ditto. There is no reason to reboot otherwise (unless it is an OS/ROM install or you have to change the SD card or something).

Is there something that says for best performance you should reboot every so often? I know that it's good to do that and let the device reboot but should you do it anyway even if not needed?

My x auto reboots sometimes, like it just restarts randomly from the droid eye. but maybe once every 3 days

I am a heavy user and developer, using my DInc for testing all day long. I reboot maybe twice a month. The Android OS is pretty damn good at managing resources.

Why is "rarely" or "only if I absolutely need to" not an option?

I almost never reboot unless something badly crashed or is completely messed up that only a reboot would fix.

Why is there no option for "rarely, if ever". I am a day-one Evo owner. Aside from OS upgrades, I have maybe rebooted it 3 times (and that was to change the SD card and battery twice)? My phone has never frozen, nor crashed, nor "become slow".

Stupidly worded poll!!

I dont know how to answer this one. I'm kind of between 4 and 5. I rarely reboot unless I'm loading a new ROM or messing around, and then I'll be rebooting 10 or 15 times a day.

I hit "once a week" but it's much less often than that. Sometimes a little more than "pulls when necessary" but leans that way. Especially as I have a spare battery I use when I can't charge. Rebooting once in a blue moon does seem to spiff things up a bit, however. I occasionally "lose" email (not gmail) notifications (known issue), and a reboot brings them right back.

I don't reboot unless I'm having issues that I can't seem to fix any other way. That's happened once, and a reboot didn't fix it. Turned out there was a fire several hundred miles away that resulted in the carrier temporarily losing internet access. Boo.

Since then, been up for 555 hours without a reboot (23 days). Hell of a lot better than my Treo Pro, which would typically go, at most, 3 days before freezing completely...

EDIT: Also, I have been known to run my phone out of battery which inadvertently powers it off, but again, been a while since that happened.

The poll should have included "never", I almost never do it, but if you count as shutting it off then turning it on the next day as a reboot I guess I fall into that catagory.

I'm a long time Linux user, at one time my AMD Thunderbird 1.1GHz PC went from the year 2001 to 2006 without a reboot. I'd probably do the same with Android phones, but I tend to just turn it off when I'm not using it (while on plane or driving long distances, etc). Yes I know about flight mode.

I don't "reboot" as in a battery pull. In fact, I think I did it once after I rooted my phone. It's been so long that I don't remember if I actually did a battery pull or just shut the phone down... Here is my question. On the Android platform, is powering off as effective as battery pulls? I suspect it is because I work offshore and power the phone off for a month at a time. When I power it back on, it still has held a pretty good charge. Before the Andoid platform, I was using crapberrys. They drained the batteries when "Turned off" like crazy, so I suspect they were just in a low power state. I have never had any luck with the reboot button apps. They don't seem to work for me, even with superuser permissions. Maybe I just used two that were not meant for my device...

I don't pull the battery either on my x unless it freezes up. (Which is about once a wk)
But I do turn it off every morning for at least a minute. In the help or tips section of the user's manual it says to do that and charge the battery before it gets below 25% and dont leave it plugged in over night.