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One of the most popular reading apps across any platform, Pocket, is receiving a quick update today with important changes for how you view content in the app. Folks using Pocket on a device running Android 4.4 will now see the app enter "Immersive Mode" when viewing an article in full screen, which hides all interface elements so the content take up as much room as possible. Android 4.1-4.3 devices will hide just the status bar, but that's better than nothing.

What Pocket calls a "refined" layout is also available in the latest version, with new typography and styling that ensures headers, images and paragraphs come together seamlessly for an improved reading experience. The app has also now been translated into more languages as well, now including Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Portuguese.

You can snag a download of the free Pocket app from the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Pocket update brings Immersive Mode for distraction-free reading


Hey Andrew why don't you ask them why their parser hasn't worked on Androidcentral for weeks? It is kind of hilarious it doesn't work properly on this very article. They just keep blowing me off....."working on it"

Article view for Pocket doesn't work for any article for Android Central. Been like this a while.

I've contacted Phil once and Pocket multiple times. I'm guessing by the volume of comments on this article it isn't high priority to either side. Oh well, Android Police works and has similar content.

I hope Samsung sticks to off screen keys. I don't want to have to mess with this immersive mess.

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