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New slide-in drawer and auto-downloading of individual podcasts also included

Pocket Casts has just pushed out an update in the Play Store to version 4.3 that brings a few subtle design tweaks and new features with it. On the design side, the developers say the entire app is smoother and faster, and you'll now see an updated slide-in drawer with the latest Google design guidelines applied. A new option to delete multiple podcasts at once can now be accessed with a long-press on any single podcast as well.

In terms of functionality, you can down mark individual podcasts for auto-download rather than just entire playlists, and the app has been restructured on the back-end to let other podcast apps index its podcast directory. Naturally there are other bugfixes included here as well.

And for those of you wondering about Chromecast support, Pocket Casts says it is ready to go as soon as Google allows it — just have to keep waiting on this one.


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Pocket Casts version 4.3 adds bulk delete, subtle design changes


It is unbelievable just how fast this app is now. It's very impressive at how noticeable this optimization is.

Another wonderful job by Shifty Jelly.

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't gotten the update yet, but, am I the only one having problems with this app? I switched to it from Dogcatcher based on all the rave reviews from everyone, and I love the ui and the app "in theory," however, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the app keeps re-downloading TONS of content onto my devices, even after I have marked it as played and deleted it. And the syncing doesn't seem to be working properly between devices.

I occasionally get certain podcast subscriptions downloading a lot of old episodes I've already listened too, but it doesn't happen often (maybe once or twice since syncing was introduced). Now with mass deletion, it'll be easier to clean up!

I've been hooked on Pocketcasts since the major update. Love the UI and the integrated variable speed is great since the Presto plugin in BeyondPod always bogged down my phone.

Love this app. Love it's change logs for that mater. Can't wait for the chromecast support.... I might actually sub to some video podcasts instead of just audio.

Posted via Android Central App

Pocket Cast is my favorite app. I have had it for years and never been disappointed.

Developer is fast to fix issues and acknowledge them. Had an issue when Sprint 4G came out a few years ago and they acknowledged my ticket and said we are working on it, thanks.

This app just works well and does its' job. Pay the money for it if you like Podcasts on your phone.

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Besides the stock smartphone apps, PocketCasts is my #1 used app. The best podcatcher/player out there (and I've tried them all). Running on my phone and on my tablet.

I'm also a big fan of Pocket Casts.

When the v4.0 redesign came out some months ago, it was a bit buggy and quite a few old features were gone. But the developers were really quick to get it all straightened out in just a few weeks.

Nice app, but I still can't set up a podcast that requires password authentication.

Posted via Android Central App

Amen jbreakfield! I downloaded it several months ago after using BeyondPod which has this feature. I was naive in thinking this was a regular feature of all podcast apps. The main podcast I listen to is daily and by subscription which makes the app unusable for me. The developer did graciously provide a refund. I did ask about this feature and quite honestly the developer replied that he didn't see any value in it. Its a shame because I would really like to use this app.

Bulk delete is the best new feature. I was clearing old podcasts just last week and it was a major PITA because there was no long-press/delete method. It was really stupid and cumbersome; this is a great improvement.

This app works wonders for me I'm really happy with everything about it. The sync feature deserves its own star, I use the Galaxy S4 as my daily driver with the Galaxy S3 in supporting role. I move from one device to another very easily. I've used Beyond pod also paid version but this is just more straight forward.

The devs of this app really serve the praise they are getting.

Posted from Galaxy S4 via Android Central App

would this particular app allow me to set up podcasts to auto download and then auto delete on a certain time frame? i used to be able to do this on my Zune and haven't been able to find the same functionality since i stopped using it. i listen to sports podcasts so after a few days, the news really isn't relevant anymore so i would like an app that will keep only the newest 3 and auto delete them whether i listen to them or not. will this fit that bill?

well a quick look at the download page tells me it can do everything i want it to do. looks like i'll be giving it a go!