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Pocket for Android was just updated with a great new feature that enables text-to-speech playback. This means if you'd like to catch up on those articles you had saved for later, but have to keep your eyes elsewhere (like, say, on the road), you can rely on audio.

Playback controls include a speed slider, and it uses Android's built-in TTS system, so Pocket can read in any language packs you have installed. As with any text-to-speech system, you'll have to deal with a slightly robotic tone and an inability to handle nonstandard words, but it's sure better than nothing. 

Any heavy-duty Pocket users out there? I've been loading Pocket up for a while now, but it's becoming clear that Pocket is where all of the good articles go to die alone and unread. Maybe this new TTS feature will change that around... 

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commonplace says:

Cool feature. Not sure I'll use it, but it's good to know it's there and available.

protmind says:

I just downloaded this to try it out. Would be great in the car. The very first article I tried, the speech stopped about two paragraphs in. I think it cannot handle links in the text. I'm on jelly bean JRO030.

E_man says:

Handles links no problem for me. Read a few articles no problem. SGS1/N7 JB on both.

user311 says:

Install Ivona TTS with the UK Amy language pack. Best sounding TTS out there and its currently free in beta and works well with this.

etnpnys says:

This is what the Kindle software needs to be able to do. Seriously.

Simon Sage says:

Select books can do it, but they killed the universal function awhile back for some reason. Guess it was cutting into audiobook sales. 

bumpandrun says:


etnpnys says:

Whoa - the feature is there but just not enabled? I mean like it is on the actual Kindle devices - robotic and all what-not.

Perhaps they don't have it in there anymore because people (like me!) may just stop using their actual Kindles if this feature was everywhere.

IceDree says:

"it's becoming clear that Pocket is where all of the good articles go to die alone and unread. Maybe this new TTS feature will change that around..."

I found out that the only cure to this, is to read the Article on the spot ... or you will never read it !
I've a folder in my computer called "HTMLs" & its full of articles ... some of em is over a 4 years old :/

amnchode says:

Sometimes this is true, but then other times I have gone back to articles months later that have paid off. Like the Lifehacker article covering cooking Steaks via the Sous-vide method of cooking. It caught my eye and I snag it last Dec. Didn't think anything of it till around June, and sat down and actually read the article. Thanks to Pocket, I am now cooking some rather kick ass steaks...not real relevant to it reading the article to me, but ahhh well....heh

I never noticed how the bottom part of the screen is at a slant. I thought I would have noticed it actually owning a galaxy nexus.

Same with the top, seems to go down as it goes to the right. Dont you guys have a better photoshop team or at least some cameras that can actually take an image of the screen?

It works great with IVONA human-sounding text-to-speech voices.