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There have been a lot of concerns about security since Google implemented lockscreen widgets in Android 4.2. Some may have concerns over how much information is actually accessible from these lockscreen widgets, and with no guidelines on what is and isn't okay, some developers are taking it upon themselves to implement some of their own security measures. Plume has decided to remove the DM (Direct Message) tab from its lockscreen widget, and now you can only see how many unread messages there are. The widget is otherwise the exact same as the one available on the homescreen.

Of course the best security policy is to not put any widgets on the lockscreen -- and use a PIN, pattern or password lock on the device -- but its good to see developers taking these things into consideration.


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Plume update removes direct messages from lockscreen widget


Don't really know what all the fuzz is about. Most people don't use PINs or patterns to unlock their devices, just the swipe thing... It's just as easy to access an app or data from a phone that way or by having the widgets on the lockscreen. When WidgetLocker did it waaaaay before Google, nobody complained. Don't want your data showing up? Don't use those widgets!

I was going to say something similar. Why are people complaining? If you don't want your security being compromised, DON'T FREAKING USE THE LOCK SCREEN WIDGETS!!! Your experience will be the same!

Gina Trapani ftw

I don't know how I feel about these lockscreen widgets - I mean it's fine as an option, but it's far from revolutionary and as some have commented they "feel half backed". Haven't flashed 4.2 yet, but I'm not certain I'll have use for these.

Used Widget Locker for a while until I realized my lockscreen was setup like my primary home screen.

After I upgraded my Nexus 7 to 4.2, the Exchange Server I connect to re-upped the policy which removed all lock screen widget functionality as soon as I "accepted". Now I only have a PIN on the lock screen and no option of using widgets.

It would appear that the existing EAS policies have settings that already address the potential security holes that lock screen widgets might create by being able to turn them off completely.

If you're worried about what a lock screen widget might show then don't add the widget. Or am I missing something?

What I didn't like with my Atrix was how it would show text messages scrolled across the top when you received them even when it was locked. They'd have to be near the phone but if someone heard your phone go off and looked quick enough they could see what it said.