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One of our favorite Twitter clients, Plume, was just updated with a couple of subtle but useful UI changes, features and the always nondescript "bug fixes". If you've used Plume before, you know it's hardly short on features and options to begin with. Even so, they managed to add a couple more. The "timeline" and "profile" sections have been redesigned with font color and a couple layout changes. User names are now displayed in a color that can only be described as "Twitter blue", and user's handles are kept in grey off to the right of the name. Additionally, links in the timeline display in the same way as they do on the Twitter website, colors and formatting in tact. The graphical changes aren't drastic, but they give Plume a bit more polish.

This update also brings volume button scrolling, a polarizing feature you either don't care about, or can't live without. Several other apps have implemented this, and just like most everything else in Plume, it's the user's choice to toggle on. If you haven't tried out Plume, then there's no better time than now -- trust us, it looks really nice on a big Galaxy Nexus screen. It's free in the Google Play Store at the source link below. If you like what this developer is doing, and want to support an app that's following holo guidelines, be sure to give the "Premium" version a look for $4.99.

Source: Google Play Store


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Plume Update Brings UI Changes, Bug Fixes


I don't like the update...profiles take longer to load now, and timeline refreshes slower. Or so it seems to me. I like the new layouts however.

I'm so glad to have a backup of the old version. You have no choice but to display real names. Twitlonger doesn't show expanded in the timeline now. They messed up with this update.

Hmm. Does Settings > General > "AutoExpand Tweet" not work? I don't use or know people that use Tweet expanders so I couldn't check.

not in anyway affiliated with this article but i just got another ota for my galaxy s3 and the universal search is back!

After I found Seesmic, I immediately switched from Plume, though I still keep Plume on my phone for its widget laaarge on my homescreen. And I hear most people far prefer Plume over Seesmic. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, really applies in Android world!

So far, my phone has completely frozen while using the latest version after updating last night. Just scrolling the timeline and it stops. Home/back/menu do nothing and I have to hold the power button until it reboots. Plume is really good at fixing one thing and then breaking others.

The main reason i like plume better is because Plume opens articles in its own web browser instead of opening mine, that SEEMS to be better for the battery, otherwise, their both pretty good

Can anyone confirm in the search window if the text is still black on a dark gray background? I had to roll back to an earlier version because I couldn't see it with that black text on the dark background.

Has anyone else noticed the new permissions for Plume (read sensitive log data) not sure why they need that, so I hesitate to update.

Also, while I'm here, has anyone else had problems with plume not staying linked to Twitter, as in, EVERYTIME I open Plume, it requires me to log into twitter and give Plumb accesss to my data? Anyone else see this (I have an HTC Thunderbolt on Gingerbread running Go Launcher)

Log data from what, Plume itself or the OS system files? It probably only needs to read its own logs.