Plume DashClock Widget

Another day, another DashClock Widget extension, it seems. The latest is from Twitter app Plume. It's doing things a little bit different. Whereas Falcon Pro baked its DashClock extension directly into the app, Plume's is a separate download. That's an extra step, but Plume developer LevelUp Studio also released its extension code as open-source which in addition to being awesome is also in the spirit of DashClock Widget, which itself is open-sourced.

A reminder that you'll need Android 4.2.x to use DashClock Widget.

Hit the link above to download the extension. And hit the link below for the raw code.

More: Plume for DashClock on Github


Reader comments

Plume adds its own open-sourced DashClock Widget extension


Hopefully the rate of new extensions appearing holds up! I love the clean appearance of the widget.

Phil - where did you find that wallpaper? I want it!

So unfair! Motorola in their idiot wisdom won't be updated my Photon again. EVER! So I'm penalized and consigned to the "gee, this app, even though you really, really want it, will NEVER work with your phone" corner.

Just sucks.

Any.Do is pushing a new version of their tasks app that has support for this too. DashClock has certainly made me use lock screen widgets more, so here's hoping the bigger apps get onboard shortly too

Keep them coming. DashClock Widget just seem so right on my phone and I love it's simplified look.

Hope more developers continue to come onboard.