, the largest online site for DJ mixes and recordings, has released their Android app to the Android Market. If you're not into listening to the same old stuff you can find on each and every radio station each day then maybe this is the app you have been waiting for. The app takes mixes recorded live in clubs, at festivals and radio shows and puts them all into one streaming music service that is loaded with features:

  • Listen to top-ranked DJs from over 180 countries
  • Get instant access to mixes recorded live in clubs, at festivals and radio shows
  • Sort DJ mixes by editorial features, popularity and most recent
  • Search and find your favorite mixes instantly
  • Filter mixes by genres
  • Jump to your favorite part within any mix with audio skipping to the second

Personally, I get rather bored of hearing the same old songs played over and over again so DJ remixes are a good way to keep songs fresh without being driven insane. is however a premium subscription service so it will cost you $4.10 for 90 days of use. Video of the app in action can be found after the break. []


Reader comments mobile app for Android now available


It will stop when people like you stop posting whiny pointless comments. Usually you post insightful and informative comments but this was just useless, sorry.

Anybody know how this compares to Their beta android app is pretty cool and they have a ton of channels. Also, they have a free service with commercials. Been thinking of subscribing to premium.

Also, $4 for 90 days and their site has no info on the premium service.

On you can listen to live recorded DJ mixes. On you have one individual track after another.

For $4 you will be able to listen for 5 hours every month - forever. The premium service with new ffeatures is going to be released Q2 2011.


I can't find this app in the market. When I scan it with barcode scanner it says not found. If I try and search for it says not found.

Any ideas?

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