First full-length album available as an easter egg inside the game

This one's slightly strange, but if you're a fan of dubstep artist, Skrillex, you'll want to listen up. He's got a new – well, first – album called Recess coming out on March 18, but if you download and play Alien Ride for Android and iOS you can listen to it in full as you progress through the game.

The Play Store listing makes no mention of Skrillex, but as you "realize your true potential ... unlocking new features and shooting your way to a high score," you'll open up more and more of the album to enjoy. Finish the whole thing and you'll see a pre-order link for the album, due out next week.

You can snag the app at the Play Store link up top. Reviews of it are a pretty mixed bag, and some of the better ones are there it seems because of the Skrillex content. So you might have to perservere, but it'll be worth it in the end.

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Play Alien Ride for Android, hear new Skrillex album, Recess


Cue a million people not understanding how this is music, back in my day, etc etc. I, for one, am stoked.
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I happen to enjoy electronic music (Com Truise, Shigeto, Gold Panda, etc), but I don't like Dubstep. Most of it gives me a headache after a few minutes.

I already know the new skillex up coming music.

This is not music, i'll pass.

You forgot the song chorus :0



*turns off radio*

*shivers at the thought of dubstep*
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Pretty cool for Skrillex fans.
I don't particularly care for his style, but I do like Narcissistic Cannibal.

Well, as a dubstep fan this is pretty cool. However the game works well but what I assume it where you unlock songs, crashes repeatedly. I haven't heard any news music yet. Hopefully a speedy update will be released.
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