Plants vs. Zombies 2

215MB update brings more Gargantuars, new maps and more

PopCap and Electronic Arts have updated the popular Plants vs. Zombies 2 Android game this evening, and it looks like quite a big set of changes. The sequel has proven as popular as the original, and chances are you've spent a bit of time clearing the gardens of space and time of some undead yourself on your phone or tablet.

The basic premise hasn't changed, you still use powerful plants and boosts to kill the zombies before the reach your door. Tonight's changes include:

  • There's loads of cool stuff in our latest update! We have a new map, fun new features and we introduce a new foe!
  • We've upgraded the map to make game progression quicker and easier.
  • It's simpler to know how much you've done, where you're going, and what loot you'll get along the way.
  • You can invite your friends and send ‘em gifts.
  • Use the Turbo button to speed up your planting – and speed up the zombies.
  • Be warned: when we were upgrading the map, somebody let in the Gargantuars.

New maps and levels, friend invites and Turbo speed sounds like a winner to us. You can grab the update or try it for the first time using the Google Play link above for the North America version, or search "Plants vs. Zombies 2" in Google Play for international versions.

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1ll1TERAT3 says:


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icebike says:

I'm actually amazed how quickly I became bored with this game.

anthonok says:

Wonder if it fixes the massive battery drain.

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alfiej says:


anthonok says:

Damn lol

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alfiej says:

I like the way the old map was. Whatever.

KTMKTM says:

Yup. The old map looked really nice and branched out. Now it's just a lame line across the screen.

crxssi says:

I agree. I think I liked it better before. Oh well

I did like the old one better.. they should have made it easier to get the keys.. but now its ok I guess.. also I noticed my suns are 50 now not 25.. im not sure if its part of the upgrade or I must have unlocked something

iamnid says:

I've had this update for about two weeks. Did it get posted and then pulled?