We know you are all very busy people, and love ways to make your life easier in any way shape or form, and Plantronics realizes the same. While on the go trying to dial into a conference call can be quite a pain, dialing the number, then entering the ID for the call, and sometimes even more information than that, but that pain has to be felt no more. Plantronics InstantMeeting holds all your information for your call, reminds you of the call, and has a one click call button to easily dial into your meeting. So, stop fumbling around trying to remember your call ID's and times, and grab InstantMeeting to simplify your life. Download links after the break.

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icebike says:

Why this buggy paid app as opposed to the free conference caller app in the market which get much better reviews?

TBolt says:

Thank you!

lorcha says:

What's the difference between InstantMeeting, InstantMeeting 2010, and InstantMeeting Enterprise? They all have the exact same description.

Gekko says:

i wish you would always clearly list the pricing in your posts.

Jared DiPane says:

There is a free trial available as well.

dsample says:

I also wrote a small app that auto-dials into conference calls. I created it as open source, since I only have access to one variant of conference call system, so I'd gladly accept any contributions from other coders who can add compatibility for other conference call systems.

The market link for anyone interested is:

For anyone who could help with improvements it's over on Github:

I hope as a community we can make a much higher quality dialer than the Plantronics one.

Eh. I just put my conference call numbers in my phone like this:

dials the number, the commas make it pause while the auto-robotic lady says some stuff i never listen to, then puts in the passcode next. All you gosta do is pull it up in your contacts list.

dsample says:

I tried this before I started development, but it didn't seem to work, and even worse, it treated the number as a duplicate and removed everything past the first comma. I just tried it again and you're right! they must have added that in one of the last couple of updates.

It doesn't completely fix my issue, since we have different access numbers depending on the country we're travelling in, but at least now I can put store my most regular ones in contacts.