Android CentralSamsung's proved in the past that it's not afraid of putting out phones in bright, bold colors -- recall the infamous "berry pink" Galaxy Note that emerged earlier in the year. Now it seems a pink Galaxy S3 may follow in the footsteps of that device, as that's exactly what's been tipped by GSMArena this morning.

The site reports via its tipster that the pink version will arrive on Korean shelves from next week, and branding has been leaked for all three of the major Korean mobile networks. The baby pink Galaxy S3 will join the brown, red, black and grey versions announced last month, as well as the original marble white and pebble blue.

There's no word on whether Samsung will seek to launch its pink S3 outside of its home territory, but given the endless variety found within the company's mobile line-up, we wouldn't be surprised if this model found its way to Europe before long. 

Source: GSMArena

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polar775 says:

Oppan Gangnam Style

Wicell says:

^ This

camiller says:

If my wife had seen this we would probably have waited to see if it came to the US. She ended up going with the pink Otterbox defender on her pebble blue GS3.

jojomoulder says:

If I got this for my wife,I would totally get laid.

tokuzumi says:

You might want to proofread your statements before posting. I'm going to refrain from making jokes that everyone is thinking in their heads right now...

bluemagicx says:


Brian_d says:

My ol lady would be so all over this!!!

Yuck! Who spilled the Pepto all over a white GS3? Fortunately for me, my wife doesn't like pink.

ilaifire says:

Can we get a forest or emerald green now?

cowboys2000 says:

ah, the Mary Kay edition......

DWR_31 says:

+1 a million times.

DWR_31 says:

+1 a million times.

DWR_31 says:

+1 a million times.

shaytoon21 says:

omg my wife would absolutely love this color and will want it in a heartbeat

PlatinuM195 says:

Reminds me of their feature phones before Android that came in strange colors.