Pigs in Trees

Here's a fun little time-waster that's one part Flight Control, one part reverse Angry Birds, and one part MiniSquadron. You control a pig in a plane, protecting a tree from woodpeckers' pecking. It's got 4 campaigns and 75 levels and is surprisingly easy and immersive. You draw a line from your plane to the woodpeckers, engage and take 'em out.

The game is free and ad-supported, but an easy in-app purchase of about $1.36 can remove them. Our only real complaint is that it the image quailty suffers on larger screens. We've got download links and a promo video after the break.

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whooaaa 20.53MB app
these graphics better be awesome (can't view embedded video @ work)
updated: ok. kinda fun. like a RoboDefense meets Angry Birds.

solomonjets says:

Cmon phil how you gonna post an iPhone app demo

Quis89 says:

What's it matter? Is it not the same game?