Pigs in Trees

Here's a fun little time-waster that's one part Flight Control, one part reverse Angry Birds, and one part MiniSquadron. You control a pig in a plane, protecting a tree from woodpeckers' pecking. It's got 4 campaigns and 75 levels and is surprisingly easy and immersive. You draw a line from your plane to the woodpeckers, engage and take 'em out.

The game is free and ad-supported, but an easy in-app purchase of about $1.36 can remove them. Our only real complaint is that it the image quailty suffers on larger screens. We've got download links and a promo video after the break.


Reader comments

Pigs in Trees puts swine in the cockpit, with you at the controls


whooaaa 20.53MB app
these graphics better be awesome (can't view embedded video @ work)
updated: ok. kinda fun. like a RoboDefense meets Angry Birds.