Acer C720 Chromebook

Groupon has a solid deal for an 11.6-inch Acer C720 Chromebook right now, offering up refurbished units for just $129 (with free shipping as well). That's $70 off the MSRP of $199, and an all-around great deal if you've been looking to pick up a Chromebook as a second (or third) computer. This is the model with a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron (Haswell) processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage — more than enough to get anything done on this little machine.

Though it is refurbished, Groupon offers a 90-day warranty and free returns within some limits. Of course quantities are limited for this sale, so if you're looking for a screaming deal on a Chromebook, go pick one up from the source link below.

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Pick up a refurb Acer C720 Chromebook for $129 from Groupon


Or cheaper & more convenient to just get a large 128 GB SDcard & leave it in there full time (except when traveling since it protrudes a bit). I use Crouton to run parallel Ubuntu Linux and it flies and replaces 99% of my laptop needs.

I've had the 2GB model since the end of December, and I've never run into slowdowns from lack of RAM. If you never close tabs, you might notice it, but it handles a dozen or so just fine.

Ditto. 4GB would be nice, but not necessary. And I run xbmc in unity in crouton simultaneously in the same 2GB ram. So, skeptical that it's required.

Agreed. I have the 2GB version of the C720P, and while it works just find most of the time, there are some performance issues when I have a lot of tabs open and when loading graphics-intensive sites. Plus, as lean as Chrome OS is, all OS are subject to creeping bloat, so 4GB would go a long way toward future-proofing the device.

2 GB is plenty, I use Crouton to run Ubuntu side by side, and no slowdowns. Keep in mind there's the SSD that's used as swap, not the same old HDD swap performance.

For what it's worth, I have one w/ 32 GB SSD vs 16, and frequently have 10 tabs open, streaming music, browsing, email, etc... And have had 0 issue with "only" 2 GB Ram. It simply performs well.

That's a good deal, couldn't justify buying a laptop when I already have a desktop... Until now.

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This is an awesome deal. I have the same Chromebook, and I can comfortably work on AC forum posts, have 4-5 other tabs open (including actively streaming Google Music), and Hangouts on the side, all with 2 GB of RAM.

I'm seriously thinking to replace my Exynos Samsung Chrombook with this one. I am so disappointed with my chrombook lately being slow, constantly rebooting and so on.

Agreed, my Samsung Chromebook worked well initially, but lately it isn't as snappy. I want to give the C720 a try instead, or another Chromebook with an Intel processor. I wish I would have gotten the Acer originally and saved $50.

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I bought the same refub one a few months ago and have loved it. The only time I'll get lag is when I have a gaggle of tabs open along with streaming Netflix to my Chromecast

Another gadget added to the collection.
First time I've used Groupon. People swear by it, but I've never seen anything that really caught my interest, until now. Too bad they don't do PayPal.

I got a refurb and it still worked.. It's mixed depending on if the previous user did it or not.

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100GB has more to do with your Google account than the device. I think if you've already received the promo, you wont again, but I could be wrong.

Ordered one just now. Best way to give the chromebook experience a try without major dent in my pocket. Want to get away from my sluggish Windows PC.

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Initially, I, too, was skeptical. Then, off eBay, I got a great deal. One of my best purchases, ever! c720 with 2 gb ram works very well. It's light and the screen size is not too bad. Sure, the resolution isn't real high, but it's also not too bad. With one drive, you can use MS Office. Other useful apps are available. For $129, you really can't go wrong.

These seem to be having problems shipping. Those that orderd after sunday have not yet got tracking number. i ordered when i first read the article. no trackin, order still processing. they might have sold more than they had!

I ordered mine on the 8th and have an order number on Groupon but no tracking number. It says "Fulfillment in Process".

can the chromebook edit and save native microsoft office files without converting them to google sheets format?

I have a .xls or .xlsx in the synced google drive folder on my W7 PC. I can open excel, open the file, edit it, save it and close it. On the chromebook, can I open sheets, open the .xls or .xlsx file, edit it, save it and close it without converting the file to google drive format/keeping the .xls or .xlsx format?