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Yes, that's my LG Optimus Black, and yes, it is running Photosphere. It's the same Photosphere that distant relation the Nexus 4 is running too, not the LG version found on the Optimus G Pro. Where there's a will, there's usually a way in Android, and Photosphere is one of the headline new features in Android 4.2. We love it, as I'm sure many others do, and thanks to an app available in Google Play, rooted users can have it without any more effort than downloading and opening any other Android app. 

Root access with Busybox and Android 4.1 are the only requirements. Since CM10 counts as Android 4.1, anyone running this or other Jelly Bean based custom ROM's should be fine. Upon opening the installer app for the first time, you're presented with the two steps to installation -- downloading the files and then installing them. That simple. A nice touch though is the ability to backup/restore a camera, and you can tell the app to either keep or remove the actual camera app on the device. Once installed, a quick reboot later and you're presented with the Android 4.2 camera app complete with Photosphere, and the Android 4.2 Gallery app required to view them. 

Update: The dev just pinged us to say that an update has pushed out that should address a number of bugfixes.

So, how well does it work? In truth, not bad, it's by no means as smooth on my Optimus Black as the Nexus 4, but that's to be expected. And, camera quality aside, it produces some pretty decent looking images. Sadly I'm still pretty awful at taking Photospheres whichever device it's on. 

Of course, we shouldn't forget to mention that the other features of the Android 4.2 camera app are also included, such as the gesture based interface and HDR mode. 

The app itself costs £0.68/$1.07, and the developer says it's been tested on many devices. That's not to say it'll definitely work OK on yours, but given I got it up and running OK on the Optimus Black, it's fair to say it should work on a good selection. If you give it a try, be sure to let us know in the comments what you're running it on. 

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piizzadude says:

Why pay for it when you can look in the main sgs3 thread, find the post from my now banned account, which is bs btw and terribly misguided, and find the post where I put up the app for the photosphere camera?

Someone is making a buck of off an xda post.

The Tick077 says:

That was my thought as well...I flashed this via XDA weeks ago. Works really well on my AT&T GS3

Mobius360 says:

Nice, I want to see more photospheres

Cosigne says:

Doesn't seem to work on Verizon GS3 running cm10.1 nightly. Maybe a different ROM would work though.

Danrarbc says:

Why would I pay for this when I can install it manually?

faceless says:

indeed, why would i pay when i already flashed it manually.

tim242 says:

Really? That is the dumbest question. That's like asking why you would install any app, after you already installed it. This post is obviously not meant for you.

razorsbk says:

Any chances to work on Nexus stock 4.1.2 but Rooted ?

HAAS599 says:

Hey Richard,

What happened to part 2 of the magnetic wide angle lenses feature?

But not for ICS :'(

ShahinTr says:

I wouldn't recommend this app for now, and I think Android Central should have waited a little longer till they posted this. Look at the reviews in the play store, too many bugs to fix, get your refunds while you can and install it for free manually at the XDA site for now if you really want it.

peterfares says:

Why does this app require flashing or rooting? It just takes 3D pictures... Microsoft made Photosynth for Windows Phone and iOS without requiring root access...

rookiegenius says:

the app itself doesn't require root. But this app has to be installed in the system partition on your phone. so yeah that's why it needs root access.

Tower72 says:

Requested URL not on this server!

meyerweb says:

It's no longer available in the play store. Whether that's because the seller took it down, or because Google decided it wasn't going to let someone sell their intellectual property, I don't know.

anoma says:

App no longer available so I went looking and came across this site which seems to have copy and pasted your article with no mention of Android Central. Might wanna give him a serve...

In other news, if anyone has a copy of the apk, it would be awesome as my searches have found nothing.

NothAU says:

I managed to find it here:

It's the SGS3 forum, so I'm not sure if it'll work with other devices.

schrack3000 says:

Cool. Thanks for the link. Got it up and running on my S3.

Pankaj Kumar says:

how is it possible to have same thing on different websites..? i have also found the same post on a website here Photosphere-on-rooted-devices is there any tool that makes one share these posts automatically?? o.O

jmreed97 says:

Yeah... I downloaded the app because I figured a dollar was worth not having to do a Nero Back up and flash the one from XDA. This app didn't work and it took me more than 15 minutes to figure that out since I thought it was an issue with superuser or busy box.

Now the app's been pulled... Seems like this article should be too. Should have just gone the XDA route to begin with.

SAVJR says:

+ one