Honeycomb on Nook Color

Our newest example of Photoshop excellence comes to us courtesy of Staples, which just sent out an email with a Honeycomb toting Barnes & Noble Nook Color and as you may know, the Nook Color just received an update to Froyo last week. Staples is relatively new to the tablet selling-game and it definitely shows with this howler, unless Staples happens to be rooting Nooks and flashing an Android 3.0 ROM on there for us.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Firespyer says:

They just took a picture of a rooted one... LOL

robertw0925 says:

That's what my nook color is running

Wait a sec... Wasn't the Nook Color the first consumer available tablet running Honeycomb? I wouldn't call this a fail... just smart advertising, look what you CAN do ;)

Animus_3.0 says:

Yeah, that was easy! Lol.

mjforte says:

Looks more like a Photoshop win to me! Shows what the Nook is really capable of.

ls377 says:

Not a fail, Staples just gets us :)

crxssi says:

>"Photoshop fail: Staples"

It could also be a GIMP fail or a CorelDraw fail or an OpenOffice fail, or any other number of programs.

Nirvana328 says:

you're the man

sarujin57 says:


msgnyc says:

Meh, they prob just took a pic of an employees device or something.
As mentioned above, the nc was the first available consumer device to run honeycomb. Just Staples showing off hat is capable with the nc. ;)

ScubaNitrox says:

Both mine and my wife's are running CM7 and it works Great!

droidgeek says:

My Nook Color also runs CM7 and it is the best mod imo!