Kevin versus the robot

Having taken this picture at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I can assure you that the robot didn't flinch. And Kevin's knee healed after a few months. [via]


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Photo of the year: CrackBerry Kevin versus the giant Motorola Android robot


Is blackberry even still around? And if so, why? (i'm being sarcastic but really rim needs to come up with something...)

i remember seeing this back when i was a craberry reader/user...i have since EVOlved and RIM should take note:android + enterprise = no need for BB

if my sarcasm detector is working correctly, this statement of yours is pretty ironic because the picture was actually taken with a nexus one.

I also was a Crackberry abuser (disgruntled mind you) user and abuser at that time. I was awaiting the arrival of the EVO on Sprint to make my move. About a gazillion ROMS later I still have my EVO and I have to say AOSP Cyanogen mod on Android is the ONLY way to go! If Blackberry survives it will only come from purchasing the talent behind the Playbook. They will not survive if the people making the decisions for the Rim handsets get involved with the people making the Playbook. So far they have pretty much kept their noses out of it, smart move thus far.

I remember this on crackberry too when I was still a user/abuser. I went from the iPhone 3G to BB Bold 9000 to the Bold 9700 to the Torch 9800 (EPIC FAIL RIM!) and I finally EVOlved into the world of Android. The only thing I truly miss about BB is BBM and Push (Yes, Gmail is pretty awesome on Android but anything else BLOOOOWS!).

If RIM was serious, they would be rolling out QNX on new devices ASAP...they're a sinking ship!

I had just defected from BB to the Droid when I first saw this photo. I remember knowing at the time that I'd made the right decision. I will never use a frigging BB agian. Ever.
#DROID, Eris, now DroidX.

I rememberwhen this was posted, I was still a diehard crackberry fan and look at me now, I still lolove crackberry but android is my new crack!