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Following an initial launch on PC, Penny Arcade's latest game, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, has found its way to Android and iOS for $2.99. As an added bonus, they've included the first DLC pack and a Fanfiction option where you can gender- and species-swap the sprites for the main characters (if you're into that kind of thing).

While the game follows closely in the footsteps of the last two as a tried-and-true turn-based RPG with hilarious writing, OtRSPoD 3 cranks up the 16-bit charm.  The main characters from the popular webcomic, Gabe and Tycho, figure prominently in your party, with plenty of cameos made by the supporting cast throughout the rest of the game.  Just a few of the classes you'll be able to level up as include Crabomancer, Tube Samurai, Hobo, and Delusionist. Combined with the above screenshot, you should be amply prepared for the hilarity On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 has to offer. 

Any of you guys Penny Arcade fans? Played the other two games? Anyone headed to PAX East? 


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Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 comes to Android


Nice... already have on PC. Wouldn't want on Android though unless I can transfer save info between them lol

It seems available for only a limited number of devices. I bought it anyway because I want to support these guys, but I hope support grows with updates.

I AM SAD!!!! Went to buy this and found that it's not compatible with the TF-101 Transformer or the Motorola Bionic (with it's shiny new ICS release). What the hell?? Not supported on ICS devices? Hope they plan to include more devices soon!

I have it on PC...but have been looking forward to it for my phone where I'd have a better chance of finding time to actually play it.

But no go on my Inc2 (CM10) or my rooted nook color :(

Just wondering what devices it does run on since it sounds like there aren't that many!

Works great on my Galaxy Nexus, except you have to hit the home button to exit the app. Played the first 2 episodes on my PS3, and enjoying this one so far. Hope I can eventually get it on my Xoom. The PA guys said they are working on bringing it to more devices ASAP.

Not sure about this one.

I own the first two games, but this reverting back to cheesy 16bit RPG style is just lame. The first two games were masterworks of cell-shaded goodness. This one? Ehhh... Not so much.

I might pick it up just so I can complete the storyline. but I am NOT a fan of 16bit RPGs.