Pebble Steel

If you were looking to pick up a Pebble, now is the time to do so, as both the first-generation and the Pebble Steel smartwatches are back in stock. Pebble announced that new orders will be shipping out the next business day, and that both leather as well as metal bands will be available for the Pebble Steel. The Pebble Steel will set you back $249, while the first-gen Pebble is available for $150.

Currently, only the matte black and the standard stainless steel variants are available for purchase, but the leather bands should also be in stock soon. In addition to the smartwatches, you can also pick up spare cables directly from Pebble.

The Pebble Steel received a firmware update last week that improves Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to clear notifications in addition to caller ID and battery monitoring fixes.

You can sync notifications from your device through the dedicated Pebble app, which is available on all Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. The app includes Pebble's appstore, a storefront that allows you to download custom apps and watchfaces for the smartwatch.

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Pebble Steel is back in stock


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I'd get the Steel one right away if the Moto 360 and Android Wear hadn't been announced.

Posted from Germany via Android Central App on my Moto X.

Pretty much this. With the LG G Watch, the Moto360 and Apple's iWatch coming I wonder how Pebble will do.

It will fade into further obscurity. There aren't THAT many people with these on to begin with.

Posted via Android Central App

I dunno about that. The pebble is the best selling smart watch to date. It's compatibility with ios and android made sure of that.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe it will - maybe it won't. It depends on what features the next generation of Pebble Smartwatch has. We know very little about Android Wear - you can't compare something that exists now to something that isn't available yet. Will Android Wear be compatible with iOS, WP, or BB10 - that is doubtful.

I would like to see Pebble get a touchscreen, allow for more than 8 apps to be installed at once, and allow for voice control.

Maybe it just me, but that design looks so old - back to my childhoods on 1980...

Posted via Android Central App